My most expensive purchase was for my stack of Monster Cages...

2 - 8L x 30D x 12H
1 - 8L x 30D x 18H
2 - 8L x 30D x 12H divided into 3 units each

$3,025 for all 5 cages, $1,052 for the rhps for each cage, and $675 for 9 Johnson Controls thermostats. Grand total of $4,752 not including shipping for everything. The total value of the snakes housed in thise cages....$680 for all 9.

Ive added several bps this year and my recent cage purchases are from Reptile Basics $225 each (36x24x12), rhp $90 each, and Johnson Controls thermostat $77 each ($392 per cage) times 4 cages. If all goes well and I get enough on my tax return, Ill be replacing all but the largest Monster Cage with Reptile Basics cages. I will reuse the rhps and thermostats for the new cages, and hopefully recoup some of the cost by selling the Monster Cages.

The 8L x 30D x 12H cages are difficult for me to reach the backs to clean. Im currently using a barbeque scraper to reach, but it is not as effective as Id like. My main motivation to upgrade is to have cages that are easier to clean. Part of that is planning for the future. I expect to remain in good health and am trying to make positive changes towards that goal, but we get no guarantees. I cant imagine not having my snakes, so I want to be sure that Im set up for their comfort as well as ease of use for me.