So I'm thinking about building either 5 enclosures or a 6 high 41 Qt. rack out of either melamine or the cellular PVC. What I really want to do is build 5 48" W x 24" D x 15" H enclosures but that will take up a lot of room which at this moment we do not have a ton of (until one of my kids moves out). So I was thinking of building a 41 QT. rack.

I would like to provide natural light into the tubs so I was thinking running the 41 QT. tubs sideways kind of like the some of the combo racks I have seen. Meaning the side walls would be 18" wide the back would be 42" wide. You would pull/slide from the long side rather than the shorter side like most racks. Another reason I would like to do this is to eliminate have the rack stick out 41" - 42" from the wall.

Will this work?