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    Not a Bear-y Good Situtation

    ok i'm still thawing out from the snow and ice, but at least we didn't have to deal w/ hungry Polar Bears. i'm sure u read about it or saw it it the news but it's frightening that this town has been besieged by scores of the largest land carnivores. i really, really hope that they don't begin to cull the bears, but find an amicable solution on capture and relocation or something. they're cute but need their space and our respect.

    story and lotsa pix here:
    Even brave men won’t take rubbish out - reality of life in town invaded by polar bears

    Hungry predators arrive at local eye clinic ‘for a check up’, or more likely a meal, banging on door to demand entry.
    Remote Belushya Guba on the Novaya Zemlya archipelago has found itself at the centre of world attention this week with an invasion of at least 52 polar bears.

    The Russian authorities are today acting to break the siege of the far-flung town, with one option being to sedate the animals and move them a long distance from the settlement.

    A team was flying to the outpost to give residents respite from the wild animals.

    But a ban on shooting the endangered species means a solution must be found that does not involve slaughtering the bears.

    Meanwhile, videos from local ophthalmologist Ilya Mishin show life under the polar bear ‘invasion’.

    Mishin posted a night video of the beasts scavenging for throwaway food at a waste facility.

    He asked: “What is your answer when they ask you to take out the rubbish?”

    Another video shows a polar bear standing on two hind legs demanding entry to his eye clinic.

    'How often do you get door knocks like that?' Mishin commented.

    'He came for an eye check,' answered Ilya's mother Natalia Mishina.

    A bear returns at night again seeking to get in through the door.

    'The bear is not allowed in - again,' said Mishin.

    After failing to gain entry, the bear tries the window before disconsolately wandering off.

    There is also footage of stray dogs seeking to scare away the polar bears - without any success.

    ‘The siege continues’, said the eye doctor.

    Local woman Nadezhda Volf, 36, said the town of almost 2,000 residents was first targeted by packs of polar bears in the autumn.

    'The bears couldn't make it to the shore on time to hunt so our dumps became the only option for them to eat,' she said. Now bears are coming in packs but before one or two might appear but only rarely.

    Locals admit it was fascinating to watch the predators so closely, until it got scary.

    ‘Once I was taking my child to kindergarten, and a family of bears was walking along the other side of the lake,’ Nadezhda said.

    ‘My five-year-old daughter was lost in admiration. Another time, also on the way to kindergarten, our bear patrol was scaring away a cub - and he jumped out of a snowdrift in front of us.

    ‘I grabbed my daughter and started running, although the rule is you mustn't run. Thank God, the patrol was near.

    ‘I saw his little beautiful eyes but I had never been so scared before in my life. My daughter was terrified too.’
    Recent Nadezhda found herself staring at seven polar bears in front of her.

    ‘They were in distance from us, but it still was scary because they can run really fast. Adult bears were just walking, cubs were playing in snowdrifts and sliding on ice on their bellies.

    ‘They were not aggressive, it seemed to me that they were hungry because they were somewhat slow.’

    During the period when there is no daylight in midwinter the bears ‘started to blend with the snow' - and terrify the locals with their sudden appearance from around the corner or at the garbage tip.

    Attemps to scare them away didnt quite work as intended as the bears were not afraid.

    Now a state of emergency has been declared in Belushya Guba it is prohibited to walk alone.

    Special buses are taking people to work, school and kindergarten.

    and here:
    50 Polar Bears Searching For Food Invade Russian Town, Terrifying Residents“People are scared. They are frightened to leave homes, and their daily routines are broken.”

    In what is being called a consequence of climate change, more than 50 polar bears have invaded a Russian settlement in the Arctic, forcing terrified residents to stay in their homes, according to news reports.

    The settlement, Belushya Guba, is on the Novaya Zemlya archipelago off Russia’s northeast coast and has a population of about 2,500.

    Officials declared a state of emergency on Saturday after reports of bears attacking people and entering homes, CNN said.

    “People are scared,” local administrator Alexander Minayev told CNN. “They are frightened to leave homes, and their daily routines are broken. Parents are afraid to let the children go to school or kindergarten.”

    Because polar bears are protected in Russia, residents are prohibited from killing the hungry intruders, The New York Times said. The settlement has put up additional fences in an effort to control the bears.

    Generally, polar bears are born on land but spend most of their time on ice sheets and in the water, where they hunt and feed on seals, The Washington Post said. The World Wildlife Fund says that climate change has been shrinking their sea ice habitat.

    Local administrator Zhigansha Musin was quoted by Russia’s state news agency as saying, “I have been in Novaya Zemlya since 1983, but there have never been so many polar bears in the vicinity.”
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    Well, there homes are shrinking so there's not many places to relocate them. I think they are endangered now though.
    - Mason

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    Yes, I saw that too...climate change is very's very obvious (not to mention heart-breaking) when wildlife has to move in with people because their
    habitats are disappearing, & when you're dealing with hungry predators it gets dangerous. Polar bears look cute but I wouldn't want one for a room-mate.

    It's not only the home turf that's disappearing...for some species it's their food supply. If we want to continue to share our planet with all these magnificent
    creatures, we have to be willing to give a little....we need to make fewer humans because our population keeps growing exponentially, as does our need for
    space & food & material goods....and we need to prioritize our environment....& we need to say "NO!" to greedy corporations that want to pollute & hog our
    natural resources (like sucking up clean ground water so they can bottle & sell it for ridiculous profit, or fracking which risks much of our clean ground water).

    It's difficult and disturbing but we actually NEED many more of these conversations...and most of all, we need good leadership and we need action. Last time
    I checked, this planet is our only option. Time is not on our side to turn this around...this has to be a priority, not only for some countries but globally. Do we
    care enough to make the necessary changes? I hope so...

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    Re: Not a Bear-y Good Situtation

    It's so sad our polar bears homes are shrinking I don't see a solution to it, it's just so sad
    There's too many people on this planet and we have ruined it and we are causing animals to die. killing them when they come in our space because we've taken theirs away.

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