To All You Blood Python Owners I Have A Question. I Have A Baby Blood I Have Had For Three Weeks Now. I've Got Her In A Small Plastic Tub With A Small Water Bowl, A Hide And Repti Bark For The Floor. Temp Is Right But My Problem Is She Won't Take The Dead Hooper Mouse I Give Her. I Called The Place That I Bought Her Last Week ( OUTBACK REPTILES ) And Told The Rep And He Said Leave Her Alone And Try This Week. I Did Yesterday But She Wasn't Interested. I Used Tongs And Did The Right Things But She Still Wasn't Interested. I Was Wondering If For A While I Should Try Feeding A LIVE MOUSE. I Don't Know If She Can Eat A Small Mouse Or If I Can Get Live Hooper Mice. The Problem Is I Only Have One Store In Town And That Is Petco. Any Help Would Be Greatly Appreciated.