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    I think I made a previous post about this. To reiterate, I'm not for or against the restriction of the breeding or selling of spider bp.

    Both sides have good points. Just as one can argue the possibility that the animal may be suffering, in any shape or form, the same burden should be applied to the idea that it may not be suffering as bad it some claim. As nature will it, not every living organism has evolved 'perfectfully' or in its 'ideal' condition: we all have some flaw, mentally or physically, seen or unseen, pain or less pain. And yet, nature persevere and that is what is most overlooked. Yes, the wild spider ball python is a rarity, but it is not an exception to the rule. The weird, the unusual and the least expected fight harder and survives. As an example, I fostered orphaned kittens and had owned puppies and the runts are usually the ones that fight the hardest to live and flourish better in growth and appetite than its 'normal' siblings. The odds may be against one who have trouble to eat, but it is not going to stop trying.

    More research is needed and I hear that it is in the works. In the meantime, if you have a spider or champagne or woma that wobbles, treat it with more care and consideration while giving it the respect rather feeling bad for it. It is a majestic in its own right, even if it has to work a little harder.

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    Ball Pythons can't be compared to a dog or cat. Or livestock even. Most mammals WILL still eat and pro-create, even if in bad shape. Unless on death's door.

    We are talking about Ball Pythons here. If they are even a little to cold. They usually don't eat. To hot, the same. To exposed, forget it. Sick, even if a slight URI, usually they won't eat. If they don't eat, they don't thrive. If they don't thrive, they don't breed. Can't, as it takes quite a bit out of the body, they have to have fat reserves to even build those eggs and have the strength to lay them.

    Yet, spiders have been known to be exceptionally GOOD eaters. Fast growers, and very "chill". Why? I don't know. Mine was one of my most relaxed BP, that also ate very well and grew very large. She is now in a new home and I get frequent updates. Got one yesterday. New owner is in love with her. Maya produced one clutch for me at 7 1/2 years old. I just wasn't interested in breeding up until then.
    She had a large clutch, uncomplicated. All of her hatchlings were gorgeous and ate right away. So easy. And I have had hatchlings from other snakes, they aren't always so easy to get going.

    Coincidence? Sure, maybe. But I've heard it time and again.

    Maya also had a clutch for her new owner and is currently gravid again. All her hatchlings were easy and uncomplicated and the greatest eaters, once again. He also forwarded me a picture of his favorite baby of hers...Fat lil thing, gorgeous, as sweet as her mama.
    The hatchlings I had from her all went to good homes and I get updates from those people as well. All grew fast and uncomplicated, seemed to handle the move without a problem. Owners are in LOVE with them, ask me if I am still breeding

    Maya had no discernible wobble, although they all carry it. Worst she ever did was miss her rat at first strike (ft). And even that happened rarely.

    So are there some really bad ones ? Yes. But for each of those, there are hundreds that seem close to normal and just THRIVE. As I've said, I have to wonder if something else is going on with those really bad examples, since we see these severe neurological signs with other BP's, not all of them spiders. Not all of them even morphs. Usually they were to hot at one point or exposed to some sort of fumes, pesticides or else.

    I'm absolutely supportive of everyone having their own views and opinions. But the comparisons made with dogs really do not apply here, esp. with Ball Pythons and the way they are. Also, its always nice to have actually experienced a few of those animals, not just by youtube videos of the worst examples that may or may not have more going on. In my opinion I know of so many people that are THRILLED with their spiders, and those animals are thriving and a joy. Would be a shame if they never existed.

    I actually support the idea of not breeding animals that suffer. But who gets to make that decision. Its always so easy to point fingers and applaud new laws and regulations until one selves suddenly becomes affected. Not so fun then. If we allow officials/government, etc to make those decisions, oh, it won't end at animals like spiders, large pythons or in the end, any snake bigger then 3 feet or any snake at all. They ARE "wild animals" btw. They are not domesticated. So to say wild animals should be forbidden as pets, is a slippery slope.

    And just because she is such a cutie, here is one of Mayas 9 month old hatchlings, her owners pride and joy. He said this little female is just like her mother. Completely chill, nothing seems to stress her, curious and always ready to eat.

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