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    Registered User CottonMouth's Avatar
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    Carpet Python Not Eating, Mites?

    My Coastal/Carpet Python has now refused food for about 6 weeks, first 2 weeks I wasn't concerned cause she ended up going into shed. But after shed she refused her meal again, which is very odd, she's a great eater.

    Few things that I have noticed:

    She's still very active, same behavior when she's searching the enclosure for food or wants me to open the cage and let her roam.
    I changed the supplier of my food source, but I felt like I went to a cleaner and healthier supplier, don't know if she can detect something I don't?

    My concern is, did I maybe increase the humidity too much during her shed and mites showed up? This is the first time I see her let some of her body sit in the water while she lays during the day, but I can't tell if she's just sitting there and its a coincidence her body is touching the water or if she's doing it on purpose, it's not all the time, or everyday and its not her whole body, small section.

    Any tips on how to double check for mites, never dealt with them in the past, visually can't see anything, also nothing floating in her water.

    One other thing, I got her about a year ago around this time, in March, she also refused to eat for a bit, could it be some seasonal thing?

    Thanks and sorry for the long post.
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    BPnet Senior Member Gio's Avatar
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    My coastal was a very strange eater for a long, long time. She would refuse frequently and go months without eating. She would also go into her water bowl and hang out and blow bubbles.

    I did get her started eating a bit more by offering live prey, but that didn't always do the trick.

    One day she completely changed and now she doesn't refuse anything. She's going on 6 years old and is doing great.

    I doubt you need to be concerned at this point unless there is a significant weight loss and signs of illness.

    She finally grew to decent size and thought she is a coastal/mutt, (uncertain on genetics) she has attained coastal size and is over 7 feet long.

    Try a supervised live feeding and see if that sparks interest.

    The winter months often play a role in feeding. Typically all of my snakes slow down a bit on food this time of year.

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    Re: Carpet Python Not Eating, Mites?

    I agree with Gio. Double check your temps, and keep an eye open for mites, but most likely it's just a seasonal thing. A few of my carpets aren't eating, or are eating sporadically, right now. Keep offering food every 2-4 weeks and she'll start eating again when she's ready.
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    Registered User CottonMouth's Avatar
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    Thank you both for the information, I'm hoping its a seasonal thing as well, will keep an eye out.

    Great looking snake Gio!
    ~We Don't Have To Agree On Anything To Be Kind To One Another~

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    Re: Carpet Python Not Eating, Mites?

    Also, increasing humidity won't cause mites. But sitting in constantly wet substrate without any way to get dry will cause scale rot, so be careful.

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    Registered User Phillydubs's Avatar
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    Has anything changed temp wise or husbandry wise?

    did you change the rule of food. Say rats over mice since you switched suppliers?

    you can take a slightly moist/ damp paper towel and slowly let the snake slither through and then check the towel for those gross nasty mites.

    I agree w the poster above that the humidity won’t cause the mites but can cause other things.

    Ive got some snakes in seasonal winter fasts and it seems to be common and something you just need to let ride out
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