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Edit: also basically i wanted to add/suggest RHP's, CHE's and/or heat lamps as heating options to Deb's BP care guide and shopping list here but the thread is locked: https://ball-pythons.net/forums/show...ips-and-Tricks
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This was written as a care sheet style thread based on my decade of experience and what work for new owners it has never been meant has an open conversation (hence PM me for additional guidance at the end of it) this is no different than any care sheet found on this forum which are all locked.

This was my choice just like my choice was not to cover bio active setup and many other different ways out there to keep animals. (such as not using hot spot and so forth)
i get that but including a tank or PVC enclosure on shopping list w/o a RHP or lamp to someone who doesn't live in a climate where their avg temp isn't 80 might not be helpful. they need extra equipment for their cool side or ambient.

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If you want to give advice I am sure there are plenty of OTHER threads currently open where you can help, unless of course you prefer off topic threads that really don't help anyone
oh but that's my style. but i did make this thread 'round the same time as your care sheet/shopping list went up, except no one could reply to it. anyways i do think this thread was helpful. it was a nice discussion about the forum and many fellow forumers validated the admins/mods and how well BP.net is run (which i agree).