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    Help with feeding, please


    I got my first two blood pythons late Christmas week. One is doing fantastic, the other still will not eat. She was only 105 grams when I got her, but the breeder said she was eating regularly. They were both put immediately in QT, with paper substrate, and I left them alone. The one ate 4 days later, and has eaten regularly but my girl has not eaten. I am worried because she is small, and I've read they have great food response (as the other does!). I'm trying to figure out what I am doing wrong. She initially had a hide, but never used it so I took it out and I did put substrate in for her (after seeing no sign of mites). Her and the other are both in my closet, in 6 qt tubs [in a rack], with an ambient of 82. I only crack her tub each morning to make sure there is no pee / she is ok. I do not handle, except if I have to clean. This past week she has been sitting in her water bowl, which I know can be normal, but I am concerned she is doing it for security? I'm not honestly sure how to make her feel more secure, though. I keep the lights off except when cleaning, and there's almost no foot traffic. She shows NO interest in food at all. I've been offering live rat pups, which is what I was told she was eating. My humidity errs on being a little high [I live in the south, winter doesn't exist, and even when it does, it just involves cold rain] - around 75-80%. I can't think of any other relevant information.

    Any suggestions?

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    Hi Yoshi,
    Congratulations on your new friends. Your temps and humidity sound great other than you could maybe bump the hot spot up to 83 - 84 degrees and try to keep the cool side down between 75 - 79 degrees. What are you using for heat? Are you using a thermostat? It's a little strange that she would refuse a live meal...
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