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    winter + resting/sleeping head out

    Hello everyone!

    New ball python owner here, so go easy on me As usual I have tons of worries and questions as a pet owner. I've had this 6 months old bally three months now. For now everything has been good. First two sheds has been success and he eats every week, he is eating like a lion. Temps and humidity are good now, but winter is coming so I'm trying to get ready for our first winter together. Temps here at the Northern Europe during winter varies between -15 and -30C degrees (between 5F and -22F in fahrenheit?) and me along with my dog and bally are freezing our asses off, hopefully not. I ordered CHE and thermostat so maybe it will help me survive until May comes. UTH and day/night heat lamps aren't enough as temps are dropping (they did the job during fall). If someone has experience with extremely cold winters+snake combo, tell me your tips.

    Anyway, my actual problem isn't a big deal but this guy has been doing it since I got him. He hides like a champ during day, but every night after lights go off, maybe after hour or two, he just pops his head out from his hide and sleeps/rests/chills there. Not moving or getting scared if I walk past his terrarium. At the morning, when I woke up, he has returned back to his hide and I won't see him again until the lights go off. As a overreacting pet owner (always overreacting over my dog and bally), I am curious, is he just typical bally and chills out or is there something wrong with him? *worrying intensifies*

    and as I'm so 'good' with forums, I cannot even insert image here, heh... Tell me if those links aren't even working, haha.
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    Is he in a glass tank, plastic tub or Controlled Density PVC Plastic cage?

    As for his behavior, that's normal. You want him sleeping in the day and out at night... either hunting or just waiting for prey to pass by his hide.
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    I have a glass tank and it gets pretty chilly here in Utah as well. Doesn't help that I like my room nice and cool too. First I lined the whole tank except the front and a spot for the CHE with some foam insulation board from the hardware store. You can get them in 4X2 foot pre-cut sections. Also have a ceramic heat bulb and under tank heater between the bottom of the tank and the foam with a thermostat between the glass and UTH. That was sufficient til the temps plunged what seemed like overnight. I had to add a little 250 watt space heater that I've got sitting about a foot or so away from the tank and now my temps are spot on again. It's a low enough wattage that I was able to run it through a thermostat like my CHE and UTH. It zaps the humidity out pretty quick with all those heat sources so I get to watch it like a hawk til I can get an auto mister. Just make sure ALL heat sources are regulated. This is one of the most important things the nice people on this forum taught me. Not knowing any better I had my UTH unregulated at first and I'm so glad someone informed me that was bad practice. Luckily I followed the instructions in the package that explicitly says NOT to put it under the tank so I had it on the side like a dufus haha. Must be a liability issue or something. It's called an "under tank heater" after all. For curiosity sake I left it plugged straight in to the wall and was at 107F and still slowly climbing when I unplugged it.

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