Weekly Update...
So as promised I will be switching the days that I release the updates on the animals. The Five Lined Dumpy Family (exotic animals) will have updates on their feeding days Tuesday or Thursday. The native species will have updates on Monday or Wednesday on their feeding schedule. This way the most information I find usually comes at feeding days so updating you on those days may be better for everyone.

Pious has basically finished treatment and has one last 3 day stretch of dewormer to go and he's literally done. He went to the vets yesterday for the check-up and he gained more weight then Ace and Bane in his rehab. He gained 13 more grams in 2-3 weeks! He looked like he was not doing so well but I'm assuming he was just passing the worms and it was bothering him. But in a few weeks Ace and Pious will be reunited as the first to get back together of all the native animals. It will be interesting to see how Ace interacts with Pious. She's like a little flapjack! She is a little pudgy but she's taking advantage of being in quarantine. She eats every or every other day and when back in the 125 gallon will have only 2 days of feeding. So she's taking advantage of the system. I am hoping she will not be aggressive with Pious and it should work out. I know she will eat more then him but we will see how that goes now that they are both healthy. We will see if toads can bond and stay bonded over time with this story. I need to see how Ace is with aggressive behavior.
Ace holds the key to potentially one of the largest surprises that I have for you.

Bane is solid and doing great. He's chubby and is happy as well. Nothing new to report he's just living usually.

Christian is steady and putting weight on. We actually believe Christian was or is carrying a parasite that infected everyone around him. He is doing great and everyone else has had to severely recover from a parasite outbreak. Soil nematodes were the main problem but so were some other parasites and no other animal was able to handle them. It's not Christians fault and we can't prove this until it's his turn to go to the vet but it's a topic of discussion right now.

Wellsboro has gone to the vet and he's not in the best shape. The parasites wouldn't let him hold weight and he's thin. We gave him one dewormer and an antibiotic so he actually turned gold which is his normal color. That's a good sign. He's pretty sick but he is going through the same treatment Ace, Pious and Bane all went through. 3 have survived and look very impressive and now it's his turn. He needed it more then just about everyone else so it's about time he got to see the vet. Because of having so much medicine from Ace and Bane he benefits because he has Almost enough medicine to last 2 months which he should in theory be recovered by then. I also have been through tough protocol with the others so he has the benefit of me being able to accommodate him. Wellsboro has a bright future and he's going to be okay. I'm planning once I build his home that he is going to be the headline of his enclosure when I record it. I am literally building an enclosure this winter starting with and only Wellsboro. So I'm building around him. That's not a bad get well present for him lol

Hopefully I will be able soon to start getting parts for the 125 gallon. I am getting a stand for it first so potentially I'll save some money for it in each check. I'm slowly catching up to the vet bills. The most important pieces are the stand first then the plexiglass lid. It will have to be designed for everything to fit and will take some time to get. That's on the agenda in the next few months. I'd like to have the 125 gallon built before Frog Week.

Do you think Ace and Pious will pick up where they left off or do you think they will be completely different towards one another?

Do you think Christian is carrying a parasite?

Are you excited to know that Ace and Pious will be included in Frog Week?

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