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View Poll Results: Do you use a humid hide/humidity box? If so, how often?

53. You may not vote on this poll
  • NO, I do not use them, and have not used them before.

    23 43.40%
  • NO, I do not use them now, but have used them before. I stopped using them for X reason. (Please explain)

    5 9.43%
  • YES, I use them, but ONLY have them in the enclosure during shedding.

    11 20.75%
  • YES, I use them, and have them in the enclosure at all times.

    13 24.53%
  • Other. (Please explain)

    1 1.89%
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    Registered User zhang317's Avatar
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    Taipei, Taiwan
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    Do you use a humid hide/humidity box? If so, how often?

    Hi everyone, I was hoping to gather some opinions and experiences with humid hides/humidity boxes.

    Please feel free to correct me, if I am wrong: For the purpose and accuracy of the poll, here is a brief description of what I understand to be a humid hide or humidity box:
    An additional hide (or a number of additional hides), that is separate from the snake's usual cool and warm hides. The humid hide or humidity box is filled with a damp or moist substance, such as moss, paper towels, sponge, etc., to easily maintain a partially inclosed area of high humidity. The purpose is to help with the shedding process, especially for those who have difficulty maintaining overall humidity in the enclosure.

    If you feel my poll options are inadequate, unclear, or misleading, please select "Other" and clarify in a comment below, thanks!

    - Tim
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    BPnet Veteran Lord Sorril's Avatar
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    Re: Do you use a humid hide/humidity box? If so, how often?

    I don't use a humid hide - ever.
    I just keep a water bowl that is large enough for the entire snake to completely submerge in.

    Shedding issues? What are those????
    *.* TNTC

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    BPnet Veteran Skyrivers's Avatar
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    Re: Do you use a humid hide/humidity box? If so, how often?

    Same. Large water container or swimming pool as I like to call it. No issues with humidity. I also live in an island where naturally 50% to 90% humidly is a thing. Even if this was not so I don't think I would have issues. My boas that require higher humidity I keep in plastic containers and the pythons and colubrid go into enclosures. This is my general practice. Boas tend to need higher humidity. Luna my BRB was sitting at 99% humidity in her tub. I keep a close eye out for molding issues and clean it out right away. Have only had her 1 week though but this is my ongoing practice. Her water takes up 1/3 of the container and is on the warmer side with a place to lay dryer on the warm side as well.

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    zhang317 (11-08-2018)

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    Registered User Dianne's Avatar
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    Re: Do you use a humid hide/humidity box? If so, how often?

    Typically I donít have humidity issues until the winter months when I turn on the house heat, dropping cage humidity to low 50ís under the hot spots. Most of the snakes still do fine, but I will occasionally add a humid hide (plastic tub with a damp towel) for shedding purposes if I notice issues. Iíve done this for some of my balls in the past, and currently for my 7í Bci who is the only one who doesnít have a bowl big enough to soak in. Even if they donít use the hide, it is available if they want it.

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    zhang317 (11-08-2018)

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    Registered User
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    I use one, my bp seems to really enjoy moss in a hide so i provide it his overall humidity in the entre tank is 45-55 % and then he uses the humid hide when he wants to enjoy it

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    zhang317 (11-08-2018)

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    BPnet Lifer zina10's Avatar
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    Nope, never have, never will

    I keep mine in an environment that makes it easy to keep the humidity where it needs to be. (Tubs)

    Constantly wet / moist substrate and heat > bacteria. Usually not a problem, but if the immune system is stressed for whatever reason, or there is a small opening in the skin...not good.

    Plus, I don't want my BP having to choose between warm / cool / humid, etc. I want them to choose between warm/safe > cooler/safe. Meaning a hide on the warm side, a hide on the cool side. If I add humid hides into the equation I would technically need 4 hides. That's just overkill, imho.

    If someone has trouble with humidity, they may be a necessity. Doesn't mean the BP will use them when it needs higher humidity, though. Esp. if he/she prefers the other hides for whichever reason.

    Its much better to figure out a way to get the humidity where it needs to be, all over the enclosure. Misting as needed to raise it during the shed cycle, while allowing it to dry out in between and not grow yuckies!!

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    Registered User KKM's Avatar
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    The room I keep my snakes in is 60-65% humidity all the time; I have to use aspen and a relatively small water dish to keep the humidity at appropriate levels (as in, like, below full saturation) in their enclosures. IMO keeping the whole enclosure at a high enough humidity level is far better because the snake isnít forced to choose between temperature and humidity when choosing a hide.
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    BPnet Veteran Crowfingers's Avatar
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    Re: Do you use a humid hide/humidity box? If so, how often?

    I have one available at all times - its a clay pot with moss in it. Mashadar only seems to care about it when in shed, but it really keeps the humidity up nicely all the time in the rest of the cage.
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    zhang317 (11-08-2018)

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    Registered User Sallysmom's Avatar
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    I have one at all times even though I donít have any humidity issues. Itís a zoomed rock hide and it has sphangum moss in it (damp at the bottom dry top layer). Itís in the middle of the cage and right in the middle of temp gradient. My BP LOVES it. Comes to hang out in it at least once a day.

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    Registered User VereMyth's Avatar
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    Have not used one, Will think about but I live in Florida so far I have not had a "perfect shed" but also not a bad one they always get everything off just slightly big chunks This typically because I miss a spray or two. In a rush to get to work or something of another.

    I have thought of using one but then decided against for the same issues above about choosing between hot/cold/humid. Right now I just use damp paper towels in my rack with some reptile bark over top to keep humidity up seems to work fine.

    In my research, Humid Hides seem to be best placed in an optional area during shed. But again that is research and not actual usage.

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    zhang317 (11-13-2018)

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