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    [GRAPHIC] Severely emaciated ball python

    just wanted to share this as i felt, despite its gore, it serves as a learning tool.

    this poor fella didn't make it; neglect the cause, found by another family member (not my family; internet).

    idk how long this poor fella went, but he was obviously a fighter and deserved better...

    i hate reddit sometimes...
    (will post OP link if asked)

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    Registered User craigafrechette's Avatar
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    Thanked 4,944 Times in 2,779 Posts so sad. is beautiful...

    "Every man dies, not every man really lives"
    - Braveheart

    "If I can't be my own, I'd feel better dead"
    - Layne Staley, Alice In Chains

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    Registered User Lord Sorril's Avatar
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    Re: [GRAPHIC] Severely emaciated ball python

    This photo is what I expect to see every time I look inside a Petco/Petsmart ball python display.
    I am pleased on the occasions that I am wrong.
    *.* TNTC

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    How tf doyou have such an amazing animal and fail to take care of him properly?
    (Analbino tho?, not that a morph would make it any diff, but .. seriously tho, analbino?)
    To thepoint where they die in your care? Even feeders deserve a respectable lifebefore their end, this is just sad and heart breaking

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    Registered User silverbill's Avatar
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    I saw this on reddit too but I just now noticed the wound it has on its nose, which looks fairly fresh. Did they seriously attempt an unsupervised live feeding when the snake was already in this state?

    I would be willing to bet that this is easily a year or more of starvation and neglect. My friend's 150g snake went 6 months without food last winter and hardly lost any weight, or even looked remotely like this.
    Jessica 🍁

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    BPnet Veteran alittleFREE's Avatar
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    Re: [GRAPHIC] Severely emaciated ball python

    Some people are really sick.

    Look, Iíve lost interest in certain hobbies before - it happens. People get busy. Life gets hectic. Priorities change. However.... if that happens, and youíre no longer interested in an animal you keep, why would you just leave the animal to starve? There are so many other options. Give it to a friend. Find a rescue. Post it on Craigslist. Heck... abandoning it at a pet store would be better than this.

    Animals arenít books. You canít just leave them on a shelf and let them collect dust then brush them off one day when youíre ready and they are good as new. They require care whether or not you are capable or interested in giving it, and if you fail them, thatís a life youíve squashed out with seemingly no remorse. I seriously think thereís some weird sociopathic stuff going on with people who neglect animals to this degree.

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    - Summer

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    Registered User Jus1More's Avatar
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    Re: [GRAPHIC] Severely emaciated ball python

    OMG! I am speechless... that makes me very sad to see that!
    Who says life can't be awesome ​!!!

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    Hard to UN-see that photo... No excuse for this either.

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    Registered User Potatoren's Avatar
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    Re: [GRAPHIC] Severely emaciated ball python

    Unfortunately it happens more frequently than any would like to admit. I cut all ties with a friend and called animal services on them a few years ago. They bought a ball python, then they didnt feed it. It had dirty water, no hides, i told them they need to fix it, and they instead scolded me and kicked me out of the house. I called animal services, but by the time they actually did anything the snake was dead. The owner didnt even notice it was dead. This was before i was an owner myself, but it saddened me. I offered to take it, offered to pay for the food, but he stated no he knew what he was doing. Hes in jail now for other animal abuse cases.

    My friend had a client come into her store once. With a big, beautiful albino ball. So skinny you saw every bone it had. It was weak, basically dead. It died in her hands (the owner walked out after throwing the snake bag at her). She says the worst part was, when she pulled the snake out of the bag, it was squishy. I dont remember the exact story because it was quite disturbing to me so i really try not to think about it, but she said it had gone uncared for so long, the insides became basically mush and black mush started coming out of the mouth. Now shes put a store policy that she wont accept turn ins without prior inspection of the animal with owner there.

    This is a sad world we live in, and i dont know how anyone can do such a horrible thing to beautiful creatures. Not just dogs, cats, snakes, but anything living and breathing...

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    Registered User Alter-Echo's Avatar
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    Considering how little food a bp actually needs to survive, that picture is even worse when you think about it.. it prolly took months.. heck, maybe years for that to happen.

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