So glad I found this forum, it looks to be reasonable and helpful!

The first group I came across was ball python people on FB. I'm new to snakes and still in the research phase, but not new to niche hobby communities or animal keeping (fish). Glad to see it's not just me who finds many of the groups ridiculous. From keeping aquariums, I thought I'd seen it all as far as pettiness and bitterness regarding disagreements on best practices, but that group is off the chain wild. It's like equal parts "ZOMG isn't my noodle so cute" and some of the most vitriolic people I've ever come across on Facebook, and I used to hang in political groups lol.

I wish I had the time those moderators and admins do. I swear they sit and screen every picture someone shares to nitpick. Even when I think they're right to point something out (just based on my nascent research) I don't see why anyone would ever listen to them the way they deliver the message.

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