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    70 95.89%
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    8 10.96%
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    24 32.88%
  • neck

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    6 8.22%
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    Re: Where have you been bitten?

    Ive continuously kept snakes since 1991, up to 42 at one time, so Ive had lots of opportunities. Most have been defensive bites from neonates or juveniles, and lots of bites from one wild caught adult female Solomon Island ground boa. There have only been a few large adult bites...two were totally my fault, the other was just the snake was done with handling.

    Adult male Colombian redtail, about 7...used feeding tubs at that time but this wasnt a feeding day. Id put him in a tub to clean his cage and instead of using the hook like I usually do, I reached in to pick him up. He bit my hand and wrapped my arm. This is where I first put into practice the trick of pouring rubbing alcohol around the mouth, he spit me right out. No harm to him, I had a nice set of cresent shaped punctures on the top and bottom of my hand.

    Adult female Burmese (keeping for a friend), 13 and about a week after the boa bit me (evidently I was a slow learner)...I reached in to take her out of the cage to clean it. She was in shed and evidently asleep when I touched her. She grabbed the same hand as the boa had, no wrapping but she wasnt letting me go either. Alcohol worked here, too. I bleed very well, this one was messy but no major damage because I wasnt trying to pull away. Wrapped my hand with a towel and cleaned her cage anyway.

    Adult female Colombian redtail, about 8...I was trying to sell her as I was getting out of breeding and selling anything not specifically a pet. Id learned to consistently use snake hooks now! It was near the end of the show and a guy was interested in her. I had taken her out several times for prospective buyers and shed finally had enough. She grabbed my hand and really clamped on. Id forgotten my rubbing alcohol but hand sanitizer worked. The guys girlfriend was saying oh h*** no...cant say I blame her too much. lol I used my other halfs handkerchief to wrap my hand and paper towels to get my blood off the floor. That really freaked out the lizard vendor next to us. I felt bad for the poor guy...and Im reasonably sure he will never keep large constrictors after that display. The prospective buyer didnt purchase her, but I did end up selling her by the end of day...she really was a beautiful snake.

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    Re: Where have you been bitten?

    Haha! Good one. Almost all of the above. I've had snakes for over 50 yrs.

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    Re: Where have you been bitten?

    Growing up most of the snakes I kept were wild caught. Couldn't remember if I wanted to all the times I was bitten. In most cases the snakes were smaller that did not do to much damage. I did get bite on the back of my arm by a relatively large 6' + Boa one time when I had it out cleaning it's cage. It was an orphan I had taken in while looking to re-locate it for someone. I tell most new snake keepers it is just a matter of when you will get bit it you handle snakes long enough.


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    As a kid, I had had no fear of the garters/ribbon snakes(?) I chased around the yard. I don't think the possibility of a bite even occurred to me.

    Was bit by a hatchling king, but the little thing was the size of a pencil. It still got my heart rate going.
    The corn got me when I wasn't paying attention - I had him on my lap, was surfing the, and must have brushed carelessly by his head. Bloody thumb, hardly any pain.

    But, I've never been the same since, and that was maybe a couple of years ago. No more casually padding around the house with a big corn draped around my shoulders.

    I always have a snake hook in hand now. I am less jumpy than I was, but am still afraid I'll hurt the animal in a jerky fear reaction.

    Odd, I get bit far more (and painfully) by a couple of nippy female rats, but when they need to be moved while I'm cleaning the cages, they get gently moved, and I deal with it, whether they decide to bite or not.

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    Where have you been bitten?

    Hands and forearms only thankfully ..

    Bitten by one Royal , a few Boas , a Woma python and I was repeatedly tagged by this little beggar who had lightening reflexes and razor sharp teeth !!

    Thai Red Bamboo Rat snake ( Oreocryptophis Porphyraceus Coxi )

    He was probably my scariest snake - thankfully he was only 18 long

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