And so the war in the hallway begins!

So the Dumpy Family has claimed the hallway with their kingdom. The two male tree frogs croak at nights and sometimes during the day. They had been the only enclosure in the hallway until the kingdom of the Skink Dynasty had appeared. Now the members of the Skink Dynasty are Skinks, Snails, Millipedes and last but not least a Squirrel Tree Frog. The little Squirrel Tree Frog hasn't made much of a peep in months but I found out just after about a week of him being in the hallway that he's going to make his presence known. When the Dumpy Family began calling again just seconds after they were challenged by Florence the Squirrel Tree Frog. He apparently responded to them which I was surprised by. So we have 3 tree frogs in the hallway that are making noise. It's going to be very interesting when I move the kingdoms even closer together. That may be noisy. Now the best part is that my Gray Tree Frogs also make noise and call during the early morning. So they may begin answering the Dumpy Family and Florence. So we may have a very noisy hallway for a while.

The Skink Dynasty is doing really well and I have nothing but good news seeing how much better the animals are doing. The next video the update will include the new Skink Dynasty.

So I have been able to actually come up with the first few video series for the Five Lined Dumpy Family.

Kingdoms will be the main video series and like how I will be releasing for my native species Frog Week, I am going to have more of a pets and exotics week to even it out. The update video is coming soon!

What do you think of the Tree Frogs going back and forth with one another?

Are you excited to see the Skinks for the first time?

Are you looking forward to hearing more about Kingdoms?

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