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    Cooky... and you didnít even know it...!!

    I suppose this is more targeted towards the multiple snake owners or those who have friends or family who have other snakes...

    Ever think your snake was sooo cool, chill, easy, whatever the word you choose may be... then you get or come across another snake and you are like wow mine is a Cooook??

    Iím starting to have this feeling of my boy thunder. Love him to pieces but man... heís like a spazz and a half...

    Prior to owning any other BPís or types of snakes Thunder to me was so easy and chill... or so I thought. Iíd post pics of him ďplayingĒ with my kids toys etc. as my collection has grown lately Iíve noticed that heís just a scaredy cat! Lol...

    Anyone else have stories of being a new or first time owner and thinking you had such an easy going guy or gal only to acquire more or run across a friend or family members snake and be like wow I had it all wrong !!!

    Here is my stealth bomber now... and in bicep pose, he would not get off my arm!! Lol. Whacky boy but I love them and love seeing the different personalities!

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    LOL I know that feel!

    I guess it's slightly off-topic (or maybe still on topic lol), but I noticed new snake owners with one docile snake, like a ball python, almost always anthropomorphize their snake to some extent, even if they didn't mean to.

    When their bp is being active during handling, it's always because they're happy and outgoing! not because they're casually looking for an escape route or a hiding spot

    When their bp is being very active during the day in the enclosure, it's because they love the day time and love their enclosure! Not because there's a blaring light over them that's stressing them out or their husbandry is poor.

    When their bp is tightly wrapped around their wrist or hands, it's because they either love the owner (or are trying to "constrict" them!! oh no!), and not because the bp's instinct is simply telling them they'll fall off if they don't hold on tight LOL
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    Registered User AnnieHeart's Avatar
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    Your BP is so cute!!
    -Annie and the snakes

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    Registered User Phillydubs's Avatar
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    Re: Cooky... and you didnít even know it...!!

    Hahahaha well said!!

    its very very true. I guess itís hard not to when itís just a pet... but at the end of the day itís an animal and any animal owner wether it be a guppy or a lion should do some basic research and know the needs habit and most info they can on said animal

    - - - Updated - - -

    Thanks so much Annie!!! Heís a cooky cutie for sure!!

    scared of his own shadow I tell ya but a sweetie and a looker.

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    Registered User Sgt7212's Avatar
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    Re: Cooky... and you didnít even know it...!!

    Cuddle Bug and Daenerys are calm and chill.

    Chiquita is a buzz saw. Sheís slowly getting better but still goes from chill to striking in the blink of an eye. Every time she does, I cover her up from behind and keep her there for a few until she starts to relax. Then I hold her for a couple minutes and unless she strikes again, Iíll put her back in her enclosure. If she does strike then I cover her up again and repeat. I donít ever put her right back in her enclosure once she strikes because I donít want her to associate her striking with me leaving her alone. I always try to put her back in her enclosure on a good note.

    Lt. Pete ďMaverickĒ Mitchell is bashful. He will cover his head when offered food and doesnít strike. I then lay the rat in his hide and leave him alone. The other night I checked him after about 2 hours and he was snuggled up to it like it was a teddy bear. By morning, it was gone, so he ate it at some point. Thatís pretty much how every feeding goes with him.

    They all have different personalities or behavioral traits, but they are all beautiful and all cool in their own ways.

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    Registered User Skyrivers's Avatar
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    Re: Cooky... and you didnít even know it...!!

    As someone who has 6 snakes and 3 species of snakes, I can clearly say they all 6 have different personalities. I should have named Bob (he is a BP) "Supper Chill" because he is just so chill unless it is feeding time and then he chases his rat down. Miss Snow (a BP) is always defensive. I was happy last night when I held her she relaxed right away and just tried to crawl off. I was a little worried because she had not left her plant in almost a week and so I felt was time to check in on her. She was ok. Shiva (a BP) is active when held but also chills when she finds a comfy warm spot. Lucy (RTB) is always so lady like. The only exception was her feeding 2 weeks ago. She must have been hungry because BAM she slammed it hard. She is so dainty with her food most days. Then there is Rainbow (Reticulated Python) Active, inquisitive, and willing to chew on anything small enough with a face.

    They are as singular as people are.

    Enjoy the laughs they give and love them for who they are.

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