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    BPnet Veteran MissterDog's Avatar
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    Tattoos! Who has them?

    We often say snakes are like tattoos and you can't just have one! I'm sure a fair few of us have them so how about some show and/or tell! I just got a new tattoo that's healing right now so I'm a tattoo mood haha.

    1. What tattoos do you have and where?
    2. How much did yours hurt?
    3. Do you want more?
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    BPnet Senior Member Reinz's Avatar
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    I don’t have any, but I sure to look at them.
    The one thing I found that you can count on about Balls is that they are consistent about their inconsistentcy.

    1.2 Coastal Carpet Pythons
    Mack The Knife, 2013
    Lizzy, 2010
    Etta, 2013
    1.1 Jungle Carpet Pythons
    Esmarelda , 2014
    Sundance, 2012
    0.1 Normal BCI Boa, Butch, age?
    1.0 BCI Boa, Punch, 2005
    0.1 Normal Ball Python, Elvira, 2001
    0.1 Olive (Aussie) Python, Olivia, 2017

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    BPnet Veteran jmcrook's Avatar
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    Tattoos! Who has them?

    1. Many and all over me. Most recent was a memorial tattoo for a friend that passed away 3 years ago. Got one of his abstract drawings of a rack of ceramic cups on the back of my left arm.
    2. Pain level varies depending on location and amount of work being done per session. Rib cage (got the cover of “The Giving Tree” by Shel Silverstein) was my first and the worst. First full color pieces on both sides of my left calf hurt especially when my artist was adding additional color on top of areas that he had covered about an hour and a half earlier. Fresh work on a freshly created wound... ouch. Surprisingly my dagger across the front of that same shin wasn’t nearly as bad
    3. Yes I want tons more. Planning a large scale snake tattoo eventually that will go from the front of both biceps and across my shoulders and my back. Gonna be a big and expensive project once I get it started.

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    BPnet Veteran Sunnieskys's Avatar
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    Re: Tattoos! Who has them?

    Quote Originally Posted by MissterDog View Post
    We often say snakes are like tattoos and you can't just have one! I'm sure a fair few of us have them so how about some show and/or tell! I just got a new tattoo that's healing right now so I'm a tattoo mood haha.

    1. What tattoos do you have and where?
    2. How much did yours hurt?
    3. Do you want more?
    1. I have an ivy vine on my right shoulder that wraps from front to back and an infinity with a Ravens feather for my hubs that says always and forever on my back left hip.

    2. Shoulder didn't hurt until hour 4 until it was almost done. The one on my hip was 45 min of crying it hurt so bad.

    3. Duh., of course! lol
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    BPnet Veteran Sauzo's Avatar
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    Only have one. It's on my arm from my shoulder down to my elbow and wraps around about 3/4 on my arm. It's an oriental dragon and i was planning on doing the full oriental theme with Koi, Geisha girls, samurai, lotus flowers, bamboo and tiger going down both sleeves and my back but i ended up bailing on it as my family told me i would look like a Yakuza as I'm part oriental already lol. Could have been a bad idea. Now I'm too old to try and finish it haha. As for it hurting, yes it did. I had to have it done in 3 sessions. The dragons black work and scales were done in 1 session. Then the dragons color was second session and the back ground water and fire and sky were done as the third session. Then like i said, my forearm down to my wrist was going to be koi in water with lotus flowers...but never finished it.
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    Registered User Starscream's Avatar
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    I don't have any, but I do have plans for some. One I've wanted since high school is the oroboros tattoo from Fullmetal Alchemist on the back of my left hand. I also know I want a watercolor Starscream-themed one. I'm still not 100% sure where I want that one. I'm thinking the inside of my wrist, opposite hand of the oroboros, but we'll see. They both sound like the more painful areas to go with so uh. Yeah. Maybe lol.

    My roommate/best friend has one in honor of her brother .
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    BPnet Lifer zina10's Avatar
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    I only have the one...a small snake On the outside of my right upper arm!

    Didn't hurt. It felt more like a hot slicing then needle poking. But weirdly, not that unpleasant, not painful like I thought it would be..
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    Registered User Avsha531's Avatar
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    Re: Tattoos! Who has them?

    I have 6, both outer arms, one one each forearm, right bicep, and left side of my chest. Total around 25 hours of work. Definitely have plans for more lol. I've found that pain levels vary by person, my most painful one was on my chest. The rest weren't too bad, until around the 4th hour of shading. That's when it gets difficult no matter where it is lol. Anyways, enjoy the pics, and make sure to follow the instructions while healing!

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    Registered User Skeptiball's Avatar
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    I got my two tattoos almost 30 years ago and I honestly never think about them. I don't regret them but I don't care about them either.

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    Telling it like it is! Deborah's Avatar
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    I have 7 on the side of my calf, one on my stomach, one on my shoulder blade, one on the top of each arms, one inside each forwarm

    None of them really hurt than again I have a VERY HIGH tolerance for pain

    More will be added 1 to 3

    Here are a few

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