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    I read your post (and may have missed this) but how are you presenting the f/t prey? Most snakes won't strike at non-moving prey, so it helps to offer it on tongs...grasp the prey around the shoulder region and "zombie walk" it around the tub, mimicking rodent movements. If she takes mice more readily, then start with f/t mice.

    To thaw mine, I put them in the fridge overnight. Then the day of feeding, I place them out, on top of or near my snakes for 2-3 hours to get up to room temp. After that, I heat with a blow drier until they feel warm to the touch, heating the head more than the rest of the body. I then offer on tongs using the zombie dance walking. I have one feeder that sometimes will not take on first offering, so I offer to her first, feed everyone else, wait about 15 minutes, then offer to her again after re-heating with the blow drier. She will usually take then. I also have one that will only take rats that have been scented by rubbing a f/t mouse on them. I've got one that is shyer and won't take if you walk the prey towards her.. You have to walk it around the tub like it is unaware of the snake (i.e. from side to side) she will then get interested and stalk it and strike.
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    I've tried all feeding "tricks" but BP still not eating F/T

    ^As post above ^

    Also try feeding in the evening with dim-low lighting .

    Also the mouse/rat has to be warm for some - which means reheating each attempt with a blow dryer and offering instantly.

    I saw one post a while back , saying he'd warmed it up and dangled it for TEN MINUTES !!

    For some that's no use as the mouse cools down so quickly ,,

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    Highly recommend feeding it during the night if you haven't done so already. Its their instinctive hunting time, and I've gotten much faster strikes while doing so. I kind of see morning feedings like a breakfast-in-bed that you were woken up for; you want to eat the food, but your also half awake and barely know whats going on.

    Zombie dance seems to be almost a must for Paarthurnax, he will eat stuff thats left around the tank, but he was actually a bit scared of his food this week (moved him up to weaned) until I danced it around, and then he instantly turned around and struck. Definitely get an email back over to Brian at BHB, I've heard them giving decent advice in the past to people who are having problems with their snake.
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