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    My New Boaphile Setup - With Review

    I recently set up my 5 tank "apartment" complex for my reptiles. I got the setup from Jeff Ronne at Boaphile Plastics.

    I could not be happier!

    First, the tanks are all of great build quality and they came with everything working spot on, save for a fluorescent fixture that was presumably damaged during shipping or shorted out. Either way, a minor issue and Jeff already has a new light fixture in the mail after calling him today about it.

    Secondly, they maintain temps and humidity phenomenally!

    I would recommend his tanks to anyone! Best setup I have ever had.

    I wanted to address two issues that I have read on this, and other forums, about Boaphile Plastics and Jeff, and then I will give a detailed description of the setup.

    I have read that Jeff is unresponsive to emails and that it takes a while to get the tanks. requests that people call instead of emailing. I probably called Jeff 25X between designing, ordering, and setting up the tanks. The few times he did not pick up, he called back in short order. He never complained about my 100's of questions and answered everything completely and politely.

    He told me it would be 5-6 weeks or so to get the tanks; they are custom made to order. It took about 6 weeks, but he called me to tell me he was running the tanks (heat panels, flex watt heat strips, etc) in his shop to get the chemical smell out. Usually you have to do that because of the sealant on the radiant heat panels especially. I had told Jeff the setup was going in a poorly vented basement and I had a kidney transplant and was sensitive to some things. He decided to run them instead of me having to do it when the tanks came. When they came, they were ready to rock and roll.

    Bottom line regarding Jeff and Boaphile plastics is that I had zero issues with him/them. He communicated when I asked, sent receipts for payment and tracking for shipping etc.

    On to the setup:

    The footprint of all 5 tanks is 6 feet X 2 feet. The top tank, for my Blue Tongue Skink, Frank, is 17.5 inches high (to accommodate basking and UVB lighting). All the others are 11.5 inches high.

    The tanks stack and rest on a 11.5 inch high pedestal (two 3X2 pedestals actually). The total height is 6'3", or there about.

    All tanks have radiant heat panels and 2X flex watt heat (on the bottom) on the left side and 1.5X flex watt heat on the right side.

    I am having no issue maintaining proper temps and humidity.

    I asked for 2 sides to have vents for Frank the BTS cage and for my leopard geckos (3 females) which I am keeping open so it stays pretty dry in there. I asked for 1 side to have vents for my corn snake (Figment), my BCI (Behira), and my BP (Shayna). However, being winter, I am keeping those vents closed for now.

    I am running 4 redundant/dual thermostats provided by Boaphile.

    The top four tanks, BTS, BP, BCI, and Geckos, all have one thermostat maintaining about 80 degrees on the right side via the 1.5X UT heating elements.

    The geckos, the BP, and BCI (middle 3 tanks) use one thermostat to maintain about 90 degrees on the left side via 2X UT heating elements and RHP. The temps in the middle of these tanks (where there is no heating element) is about 79-81.

    Frank has a fluorescent UVB and basking bulb on the left side and one UVB on the right side. His temps are about 95 average on the left side.

    Finally, Figment, the Hypo-Lavender corn, has one thermostat on the left side of his enclosure that powers all 3 heating elements in his tank. It maintains about 86 on the left side and about 78 on the right side with an temp in the middle of about 76.


    First, the cost was 100% worth it. It wasn't cheap, but after everything was said it done, it cost the same as my 3 molded tanks (one 5X2' and two 4X2') after I installed RHP, UTH's, thermostats, etc. shipped.

    Here, Boaphile did everything for me, and neatly and efficiently I might add. The integration of lighting and heating is awesome. As I have said, the tanks maintain temps, in a finished basement with average winter temps of 69 degrees, perfectly. I also love having the redundant thermostats. Gives me a lot of comfort.

    I imagine this post will be around for a while and do not want to give exact costs. Boaphile's costs may change, or, more importantly, your setup will differ. If you really want to know, you can either price things out on his page, or PM me.

    Bottom Line/Rating:

    5/5 stars.

    Pictures (please excuse the wire mess - I will be addressing it ASAP).

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    Looks nice. My biggest complaint with Boaphiles and why i went with AP over them is for the bang for the back, AP wins hands down. The only downside i see to AP is you have to seal them but for the price, it's a small thing to have to do. And i have heard they do leak after a few years. I am beginning to doubt it as i tried to reseal my older AP cages and trying to get the Lexel to break seal was like trying to tear down a concrete wall with your hands. That stuff is epic lol. You almost have to use Goof Off or mineral spirits to remove it haha.

    I do like that you can bolt other cages to them to make bigger cages which almost had me sold. But after i priced an equivalent size and height Boaphile with shelf, black coated locks (as i heard the uncoated ones rust) and lighting, it was almost double the cost. Plus after having Constrictor NW cages, i have learned acrylic doors are a bad idea as they fog, warp and scratch over time from use and humidity and heat. I also love how AP routes channels into the bottom of the cage to fit t-stat probes. Makes stacking them easy.

    But hey, everyone has their favorites. Like i said, the stack looks nice. Also keep us updated on how they are after about a year. i was told by multiple people that Jeff uses a more porous PVC which soaks up snake piss and stains the floor and smells after a year or so. i would be curious if he has changed the PVC at all as this was a few years ago when i was shopping between AP, Boaphile and Constrictor NW.

    Haha and thats A LOT of spaghetti to deal with.
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    Re: My New Boaphile Setup - With Review

    I am not a good DIY guy, so re-sealing tanks does not sound fun to me! I would probably end up with some escapees. Also, worth the cost to me to have everything all inclusive and included. And to have someone to call if I have a problem, etc.

    I will definitely update over time.

    Regarding the material for the tanks. I know Jeff switched to something different a couple of years ago. It's more lightweight. The two tanks (each are 3X2') that bolt together to make the 6X2' I could lift with one hand. I think each 6' setup weighs less than 40 pounds.

    Also, since my tanks are two 3X2's put together, maybe the doors won't warp as much? They seem pretty thick. Also, if that happens, they bolt off pretty easy and I could replace.

    Either way, here's hoping for no warped doors and sweet smelling reptile tanks!

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    Very nice dakski!

    I also support Boaphile and was more than pleased with my recent PVC cage, took 8-weeks. I didn't find Jeff the easiest to converse with but I'm not either... He did pick up the phone almost every time I called and he answered all my questions. Most importantly, his product is awesome, very light and well constructed cages, no assembly required.

    My reason for Boaphile over AP was the EZ access drop down acrylic door and venting, that's just my preference for handling, feeding, and maintenance. Yeah they'll scratch easier than glass but they are super thick and strong, absolutely no worries about warping - and they will not haze over time if you use microfiber cloths instead of paper towels for cleaning, & decent plastic cleaner, etc.). My only peeves: I hate that the Black hinges are an upgrade, they really should be standard; and the fluorescent light blows, I tossed mine and upgraded to an LED strip.

    I also read a review from way back on cleaning and the porosity of their PVC but don't agree, the PVC is smooth and slick like glass and cleaning waste comes right off, no odor to speak of albeit I've only had the cage 5-months.

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