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    Registered User Flyheight's Avatar
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    Hooks and/or gloves for BPs?

    I'm still in the process of setting up for my first BP and I'm doing lots of searches here and reading lots of threads, but I can't really put my finger on if I need a hook or gloves for a BP?
    Does anybody have any input into this?
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    Re: Hooks and/or gloves for BPs?

    Personally I only use a hook to get them out of enclosures then handle by hand

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    Registered User JustinGatCat's Avatar
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    Hooks and/or gloves for BPs?

    Perhaps just a hook? I just kinda scoop Pua from underneath with my hand and he's fine. It's a good tool to have if you need to handle a very defensive or aggressive individual or one that's in shed. Gloves aren't necessary really. Unless you're handling poop, then there's little use for them. Just wash your hands after handling and disinfect areas where the snake is on regularly and you should be fine

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    BPnet Senior Member KMG's Avatar
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    I've been bit by three of my Bloods, Hognose, GTP, and BRB. Many of those were while the snakes were already out and binging handled when a hook would no longer be needed. Some of these bites were on my fingers/hands but many were on my forearms and one on my chest where gloves would not cover.

    For a BP I don't think either is needed.

    If you handle enough snakes you will eventually get bit. Many times it happens out of the blue. My BRB who has always been a very good boy randomly bit my chest just a couple weeks ago and then snapped twice more after. He was having an off day but gloves and a hook would not have prevented it.
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    Registered User Tokala's Avatar
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    Re: Hooks and/or gloves for BPs?

    I just got my BP myself but so far I haven't really seen any use for any of it. Just lightly lift her from underneath and she just coming right with me after a couple days of handling shes gotten to the point she will crawl up into my hand and don't even need to pick her up. Gloves might be good if you don't want to handle the rodents though.

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    BPnet Veteran Sauzo's Avatar
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    You dont need either. BPs arent known as biters and even if you did get bit, they arent larger enough to do anything other than piss you off lol. I've had Dottie try to drag my finger into her hide to eat it and i had to pick her up with my other hand and dunk her and my finger into her water bowl to get her to let go. It didnt hurt but bled all over.
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    Registered User craigafrechette's Avatar
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    You don't need either. BPs are generally very docile and handle well. Just avoid entering the enclosure like a predator trying to eat the snake.

    Chances are, your BP will be under a hide when you want to pick him/her up. Just lift the hide, let the snake know it's you and you are not a danger using slow, deliberate movements. Avoid reaching for the snake's head and pick the snake up from "behind", meaning away from the head from the opposite direction the head is facing. Easy breezy.

    It's true, that if you handle enough snakes, often enough, you're going to get tagged eventually. A BP bite won't hurt. It'll startle you and then just be annoying more than anything.

    But, no, hooks and gloves are not necessary for a BP. is beautiful...

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    bcr229's Avatar
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    Gloves, no. A hook is useful for a snoot boop for those rare instances when your ball python is really foody - like a female recovering from laying eggs. You can make do with an empty paper towel tube or rolled up newspaper though.

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    Telling it like it is! Deborah's Avatar
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    I do not use ether however if you want to use one out of the two get a hook, a gloves means if the animal strike at it it will likely get his teeth caught into it and lost teeth can lead to abscess.

    A BP bite is really nothing it feels like paper cut and if you read your animal you will reduce the chances of it happening.

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    BPnet Senior Member ladywhipple02's Avatar
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    Re: Hooks and/or gloves for BPs?

    I do usually wear sterile gloves for getting my snakes out and/or cleaning their cages - I prefer the kind that tattoo artists use, if I can find them. This is because I'm a clean freak - especially for handling multiple animals back and forth - though in all honesty, I doubt BP teeth would do much damage to them with a defensive strike.

    The only time I've used a hook was for bigger snakes, like boas, and that was just for the unpredictable ones, or if I needed to do something before feeding. Usually a light boop on the nose from a paper towel roll will curb any attempts from a BP.

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