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    Need help decipher BP behavior

    Hi everyone,

    I'm totally new to BPs and although I watched and read dozens of videos and articles, I still need to make sure my BP is okay and not falling in any special case I wouldn't be aware of.

    So since a couple of days and especially yesterday, my BP spent most of his time outside his hiding boxes which I is unusual, based on how he is sicne I got him and what I read about them being shy.

    2 days ago, I noticed he peed, humidity went so high (~75%) that I guess he was just looking for some cool air and left his hide box. I cleaned everything but yet, he decided to stay outside. I then thought ok, may be he's hungry since I feed him on Tue, continuing what the breeder started.

    So yesterday (Tue), same thing. He spent most of the day out, I don't remember I'v seen him hiding at all. Temp and humidty were fine (~80F/52% in the cool side, ~86F/56% in the warm side, basking temp ~90F).

    At night, I served him his rat except he kept turning around it and then decided to go hide. He didn't eat it nor even try. Rat size and temp were okay, the usual. I tried warming up the rat again, thinking may be it wasn't warm enough but same. He was so not willing to eat it. I then decided to leave him alone. I read that if he doesn't want to eat, then no need to insist. It may be a very normal situation.

    Today morning, he was out again turning in circles in the tank. Which surprised me, becuase I'm used to seeing so little that this time, 3rd day in a row he was out early and not even scared of us walking around (he usually rushes back to his hiding boxes when one of us moves around his tank).

    He has no signs of shedding, although at this same period of time last month, the breeder said "he just shed last night", which was around Apr 17th.

    So could this be just the beginning of the shedding process?
    Should I just not worry about it?
    Should I try to feed him again tonight?

    FYI, I didn't notice anything unusual on him, he breathes normally, no signs of injuries or anything like that.


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    most of my BP's are in tubs/racks, but i have 2 BP's in separate vivarium/tank. i have learned that they can actually be very active. husbandry is good. they eat, shed and go to the bathroom fine. they both like to scoot around the tank and climb when they wake up in the evening or at dusk. they're not fast but it's still cool to see. if they don't tire themselves out and go back into hiding, they are usually back there by morning anyway. i have learned in my personal experience, that BP activity is usually fine.

    also unless they are hungry, both of mine like to hide/stay put while in shed.
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    I wouldn't worry just yet. Seems like your BP is just exploring. As long as your husbandry is solid I think your snake is fine.

    As for the refused meal, that's probably just a BP being a BP. I wouldn't sweat that for at least a few more offerings/refusals.

    I don't think it's shed related, most snakes are extremely shy throughout the shed process and stay hidden almost the entire time, all of mine included.
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    A quick update: I offered the gentleman a brand new thawed rat yesterday and he literally "devoured" it within few minutes without a single bit of hesitation.
    My guess is he skipped that the previous one because 1) he was not that hungry or 2) the rat smelled bad and it really did, there was a very tough urine smell and I didn't think it would matter.

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