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    Re: Do you ever take your snake out in public?

    Quote Originally Posted by ringorock View Post
    I took my snake out in public once. The women laughed, and the men had me arrested...
    Yup, that there is funny.

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    I only bring my snakes into my own yard to take some pictures. I'm mainly worried about parasites and birds of prey, and dog pee in grass LOL. Stressing the snake out is another, but if the temperature is within their appropriate range, it's fine in the yard.

    My biggest reason (even besides what jodan and deborah said) not to bring them into public is that public trips are usually much longer, and that is a stressful experience for a ball python. Stress worsens their immune system. Public trips would only be for our personal pleasure, and I think that is selfish.

    Dogs NEED to go out and enjoy the world and exercise. Snakes do not.
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    Re: Do you ever take your snake out in public?

    I've worked with nature centers and educational outreach programs that do travel with their animals to public places (that they've been explicitly invited to, such as schools or convention centers) and I've found that so long as the public are aware that there may be live reptiles on the premises, and that they're given plenty of space to react and distance themselves if they need to, things go pretty well (much like the snakes in that regard, hah). When I've worked programs with educator snakes I've gotten mixed reactions, but usually people who don't want to be near them make themselves scarce on their own, and I've never had someone get aggressive to my face. Then again, I was working with an organization and wearing something of a uniform, so that's some security there.

    A walk down the street doesn't seem too bad, so long as you're not in a very urban area. I'd avoid businesses, but open-air parks seem okay to me? If you're just sitting or standing with a snake in your hands, I can't think of any reason anyone would have to complain. If they get squicked out, there's plenty of space for them to move away to.

    Edit: also I'd carry a snakebag and/or secure container to stow the snake if needed, and maybe some small info-sheets on whatever kind of snake you have, because people are always less afraid of something if they know more about it.
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    Re: Do you ever take your snake out in public?

    Quote Originally Posted by JodanOrNoDan View Post
    Yup, that there is funny.
    At least someone liked it. Grumble grumble

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    Re: Do you ever take your snake out in public?

    Quote Originally Posted by Ax01 View Post

    Oh that is ten times funnier coming from a female! Thanks Ax!
    The one thing I found that you can count on about Balls is that they are consistent about their inconsistentcy.

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    Re: Do you ever take your snake out in public?

    I've had either boas or pythons since 1980. Caught lots of wild snakes before then. I take mine out in my yard when temps permit but not in public. I don't put my snakes on display and even my friends don't know I have snakes. I'm not hiding nor am I ashamed of owning snakes. I just don't find the need to flaunt my snakes whether it's intentional or not. To educate the public on snakes would be a waste of ones breath. Instead of people actually listening to facts from a snake owner, they will always go back to the fiction of the press and the internet.

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    Unless you're doing legitimate educational presentations(taking your snake to the jiffy doesn't count), I say keep them on your property. Whether or not you take snakes outdoors at all should depend on your personal situation. I only have one neighbor who can see into my yard, and we're friendly, so my only worries are birds of prey and nosey livestock.

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    I take mine outside for some photos occasionally when the weather is right, but don't leave my yard. Or sometimes they come out while I check the mail or take out some trash or something random like that.

    I have taken them down the street a few times in the past, but only to a friends house a few hundred yards away. When I took them there, I always had a snake bag ready to go just in case and I tended to keep them under my shirt as best I could and didn't go flaunting them.

    It sure seems there are pros and cons to this one, and we'll never all agree. But my thoughts are: if I'm not hurting the animal, or anybody else, why shouldn't I be able to take them outside sometimes?

    I liked a lot of what El-ziggy had to say in this thread and agree with a lot of it. Live and let live... is beautiful...

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    I take them out into my privacy-fenced yard for a slither. My cousin just built me a pvc jungle gym for my snakes to play on, so this weekend they'll get to go to their very own "playground" for exercise and fresh air. I sure hope it works well.

    The less my neighbors know, the better off we'll all be.
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    Re: Do you ever take your snake out in public?

    Quote Originally Posted by KingNoFace View Post
    Its getting to the time of year where its around 30 degrees in my town. Ive been thinking of maybe going for a walk with my snake around a few blocks, just for something to do and to give her some fresh air. Does anyone do this regularly? What reactions do you get? The last thing I want is for people to feel uncomfortable when I come walking down the street with a snake in my hands. Let me know! Thanks!
    Snake safety first. Make sure it's allowed where you live to take the snake in public. Because you always might meet an idiot or ignorant person who might call the police or someone claiming that his or her kids are in danger even if the snake was a ball python. There are snake haters, don't give them a chance.

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