My good friends have an iguana (actually it's her oldest daughter's pet). They take absolutely beautiful care of it but today something did happen. My friend was feeding the iguana and accidentally let it grab at a piece of vegetable that was a bit too hard for the iguana. They managed to make it let go but there was some slight bleeding (doesn't seem to be any indication of a lost tooth tho).

My friend is upset she may have hurt her daughter's iguana or it hurt itself trying to chew on something too hard.

Now should they take it right to the vet or would that be just over-reaction. I don't know a thing about iguana's or how suspectible they become to mouth infections. This is a very good sized, extremely healthy iguna that has had vet checks and so forth.

Any advice for them as far as what to watch for, how to treat/clean her mouth, any change of diet till her mouth heals or should they just get to the vet asap (of course it's now closed...isn't that always the way!)

Thanks all.