I'd be very curious to see how things go with the new red ball python. I didn't know an IMG-type BP gene had been found. I remember seeing a video interview of an old-time breeder (graziani maybe?) that had a very dark black BP in his collection, but he said that it was oozing what appeared to be melanin from some places and had been tested but never found an answer and that it never proved to be genetic. I had not heard of another similar gene that was being worked with.

In boas, there are a lot of people working with IMG and albino right now to create a similar snake. I know that albinos fade with age though, so it will be interesting to see what it looks like as an adult.

As for the sunset, it just looks too brownish to me and I suspect that it will very much brown-out with age, but again, it is so new, I'm sure there aren't many adult examples around.