An update on Olaf. We have changed his name to Koopa. I also found out he is a common snapper. Or at least that is what I have been told by other turtle people. He has grown! Around this time last year he was 6.5oz. I just weighed him today and he is 29.25oz or 1lb 13.2 oz. He has basically quadrupled in size. I'll try and post some pictures later today after his tub clean.

So if he is a common snapper, I was told they like to bask. I have given him the opportunity to get out of the water but he doesn't like to. He likes to hide all the time. He eats all of his plants so I have to get new ones every few months. I'll be getting him some more driftwood and maybe some flat rocks. I'll also be getting some floating plants that he can hide under. I need to figure out a way for his UVB to reach him a bit better. Any plants he doesn't eat die off in a few weeks.

I've been feeding him a varied diet. He gets two types of pellets, Zoo-Med Growth formula and Zilla Aquatic Turtle. I have also experimented with giving him Primal Raw dog food (they come frozen and I can cut the blocks into pellet size pieces). This gives him veggies and added vitamins and minerals. He also gets raw shrimp and insects (though he won't touch nightcrawlers). I have stopped feeding him goldfish as I found out they are not good for turtles. I do still put some minnows in there sometimes to give him some exercise. There is a sunfish that I got from a local pet store (it came in with their feeders), that he has left alone for the most part. It is growing in his tub with him. I think eventually he will get him, but I hope to move into a house sometime next year and he will be getting a bigger enclosure then.