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    Don't ever give up brother, and you ain't a wuss. I'm fifty one, it's never to late. Never hurts to smile, be polite. Relax a little, you'll make one. Peace.

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    ballpythonluvr (12-09-2016)

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    I read somewhere (and this seems to jive with anecdotal experience) that close friendships are most likely to develop when you have frequent/regular contact with people that is basically required or automatic. So classmates and coworkers are likely candidates, because you see them all the time whether you make a particular plan to see them or not. Same is true for people at clubs, churches, gyms, buses/trains, or other activities you go to on a regular basis for some particular reason beyond just hanging out.
    So that's why lots of people make best friends in college, for example. It helps that by college, your classmates are more likely to be people who share interests. I am still kind of sad that I really didn't make friends in college at all, because I know so many people who value their college friendships.
    My spouse met his best friend in college, and they were roommates after; then all three of us lived together for about nine years until spouse's BFF moved out to live with his girlfriend. So at this point, spouse's BFF is basically my BFF too.
    I've thought about this some recently because I've done only a mediocre job of keeping up with other friends and formerr coworkers; I mostly work alone now, and I miss having coworkers every day. I'm mostly too lazy or busy to go to social events, which I know is no one's fault but my own. But fortunately I have spouse, who really is my bestest friend. And our former housemate and his girlfriend live only five minutes away so we see them often.

    But before I met Spouse, basically my entire social life was bicycling clubs. That's less true now, but I suppose that if I were in need of another social outlet, that's where I'd retreat to.

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    o.r hill (12-30-2016)

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    Re: I turn 40 in a few months. Is it still possible at this age to find a best friend

    Quote Originally Posted by ballpythonluvr View Post
    I am 43 years old and other then my boyfriend whom I have been living with for almost 14 years I do not really have any friends. I have Facebook friends but they live far away and they are not into snakes like I am. My boyfriend isn't totally into them either but he supports me for my love of the hobby. I come on this website everyday because I have some really good friends and I actually have things in common with them. You will find a best friend. My family doesn't support me at all, basically turned their backs on me several years ago, and they are not into me keeping snakes. I don't really care. I don't need them anyways. I have learned to be happy with what I have and I am grateful to be with a man that loves and supports me for who I am.
    Similar situation here. 48, and been with the same guy for the last ten years. BF isn't really an animal person, but he is supportive, also enjoys what we have, and I too, am grateful to have him in my life. I don't have friends here, just some acquaintances with somewhat similar interests. I'm not a "people person" anyway. Always prefer my solitude. I don't follow FaceBook, but post on a couple of animal care forums, and one political forum. Parents are both gone, and I have nothing in common with what's left of the family (it was never a close family anyway).
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    Re: I turn 40 in a few months. Is it still possible at this age to find a best friend

    Can't really speak from my own experience, since I'm fifteen and still have a lot of growing to do lol, but my mom didn't find her best friend until she was thirty-two, and they've been close ever since. I don't think there's an age limit to when you should stop looking for a best friend, love, whatever. You'll fine a good friend one day, just gotta keep looking!

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