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View Poll Results: At what age did you get your first snake?

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  • Younger than 10

    20 13.89%
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    40 27.78%
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    38 26.39%
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    46 31.94%
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    Re: At what age did you get your first snake?

    Quote Originally Posted by cchardwick View Post
    This photo was taken back in the 1970s, we lived in the village of Fredonia Wisconsin
    My old man is from West Bend, mom from Kewaskum....I know Fredonia well lol. Glad to see another Wisconsin kid into reptiles!

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    I told my wife I came from a village and she didn't believe me, I always like to talk about 'the people of my village' LOL. I actually visited Fredonia last year, I went to NARBC in Tinley Park IL and realized it was only a two hour drive from Fredonia. I just looked it up, the population is only 2,243 in the village that I come from LOLOLOL. They actually have a McDonalds now, I was shocked. I used to ride my mini bike through the neighbors soy bean field and he would try to chase me down, actually caught up to me one time and brought me up to see my mom. Now it's a baseball field instead of soybeans LOL. It was too cold to look for snakes when I was there last year HA!

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    It's fun to read everyone's stories of how they got their noodles!

    I was at work (a security officer at a global lab company) in July of 2014 when one of the janitors called me about a snake in his building. He had grown up in Pennsylvania, and had a lifelong fear of any snake, so I went over to remove it.

    In the back stairwell, between flights, was a medium-sized greenish snake, trying desperately to find a hole or crack into which to slip. I can only guess that it climbed the first flight of stairs and got tired after that, then panicked when humans discovered him. The janitor was at the top of the second flight, helpfully warning lab employees away. *insert eyeroll here*

    I leaned down and carefully picked up the snake, and walked back down the stairs with it coiling and wriggling around my hand. As I reached the bottom step, it suddenly bit me... but his teeth were so tiny and ineffective that all I could do was laugh and laud him for his bravery. Just after I stepped outside the building, the little guy lunged free, throwing himself off my hands and slipped down a nearby drain.

    I had to write up the incident afterward in my report, including the ineffective bite, and my boss scolded me for picking up the snake in the first place. (I felt silly just writing it up to begin with, but had already been reprimanded for NOT writing up a mild injury in the past.) I was ordered that any further reptilian visitors were to be covered up with a waste can and left for the scientists to discard it.

    Two-to-three weeks later, on July 31, 2014, I went to PetSmart and got Robin, my albino checkered garter snake. She is now 4 years old, refusing to eat anything but live fish, and thriving.

    Gibbs, my ball python roommate, was a rescue. I'd been researching BPs for over a year, considering getting one, when my BFF asked me out of the blue, "would you be interested in taking in a ball python? I know someone who wants to get rid of one..." The previous owner had been gifted said snake (by his girlfriend) in January 2016, when the snek "was several months old," and then the owner went into rehab, never to be heard from again. The girlfriend, whose entire family hates snakes, was stuck with an unwanted serpent, into whose room she didn't want even to look, much less venture, so they had a neighbor kid drop a mouse in its tank once a week, maybe refill its water dish, and that was pretty much the most care it got until my BFF offered to find a new home for it.

    It only took me a moment to consider: "Heck, yeah!"

    On October 9, 2016, an unnamed little ball python arrived at my apartment. The glass tank STUNK to high heaven--- I don't know WHEN it was last cleaned! There was a fake plant, a medium log hide, an UTH, a burnt-out heat lamp, and a TINY water bowl that at MOST would have held half a cup of water! I hadn't yet found this website, or I'd've hesitated, but I couldn't stand the thought of that poor snek staying in that filthy tank a second longer, so I carefully scooped him out and put him somewhere safe (now I can't recall whether I put him into a box, a pillowcase, or into the hands of my BFF, but I cleaned that tank within an inch of its life, put the better of the accompanying contents back in, and put him in my room.

    I took him in to the pet store where he was supposedly purchased, where they weighed him (0.79 pounds at approximately one year of age). The store's snake specialist opined that Gibbs was a female, and told me (s)he was a Lesser, not a normal. (A different snake store and my cousin who worked with a snake breeder and specialist for several years believe Gibbs is male, not female, and I tend to agree.) I was told to give Gibbs a weanling rat every 5 days, which I did until he started to look for food sooner than expected, then I moved him to larger rats.

    I got Gibbs a larger water dish (3" deep by 7" diameter) in which he can easily soak, a stone hide--- now his favorite!--- and a CHE. I've thrown in a few empty TP rolls on occasion to add interest. When he outgrew his stone hide, I found a couple of flat slate pieces and glued them to the bottom of the hide, raising it up about an inch. He can now fit most of his body inside it again. And I bought a thick hand towel to cover the open part of his tank lid, which I soak every few days to raise humidity.

    On Jan. 6, 2018, at age 2, I took him back to be weighed. He was exactly 2 pounds, according to their digital scale. We celebrated with a medium black rat, which he downed with gusto.


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