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Thread: Tattoos

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    First off, I'm wondering if anyone on here has any tats. Post pics of them here! I also wanted to post a picture of my first tattoo that I want to get, which I drew myself. I'm still editing it as I'm not completely happy with it yet. I would like advice and input from people who already have tattoos and have more experience with this subject than I do.

    This is the basic outline, which I traced digitally from a paper drawing I had.

    This version is me playing around with the color and editing the picture in general to make it easier for me to color it in.
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    I love tattoos, just not on me.

    To see member's tattoos just click on some snake introduction threads and you will see many pictures of tats as people hold their snakes.

    Some cool ones too!

    You have a nice design there, it comes alive with those bold colors.
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    Don't rush into a tattoo!
    Your design looks very neat, and its cool that you drew it, you can make it exactly how you want and not someone else's idea of it.
    Right now I have two, hoping to start on sleeves in the next few years but damn I wish I planned better I used a large section of my arm for my first tattoo which I still love, but wish I had placed smarter so Plan, plan, plan

    I will have to add that tattoos are just as addicting as snakes. As soon as I was done the first I wanted another, but again, don't rush into a tattoo. It is permanent and I have a friend who got a tattoo because it was what everyone else was doing and now within 12 months of getting it he hates it and tries to cover it.

    I suggest working on your design and tweaking it and if in 6 months to a year you still like it then go for it! As long as you have the right reasons for getting it then there isn't a problem.
    Problems arise when people decide "hey it would be cool to have a tattoo" and immediately go and get a tattoo

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    Best formula for getting a tattoo - get the finished design, and post it somewhere that you'll see it every day. Wait a year. If you still love it and want it, get it! I have one, but I have no photos of it, and I have two others that I plan on getting - when I can justify the expense.

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    I'm definitely not rushing anything. I've been tweaking this design for about five years, and I'm going to work with the tattoo artist I eventually pick out before I actually get the ink. That's half the reason I'm getting input now, rather than later.
    "Your absence has gone through me like thread through a needle. Everything I do is stitched with its color."

    -W.S. Merwin

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    Re: Tattoos

    I have two, want more, the next one im not sure which is going to come first but all my tattoos were drawn by me (my first ever is on my left arm, the assassins creed symbol, and the second is the triforce on my collar bone)

    But im gonna have one on my foot and then one on my right arm.
    The foot is a drawn/painted by me orca and the one on my arm will be a dementor with a stag radiating light blue aura around it inside the dementor. Yes its harry potter, but its significant to me as well as just being something im into. All my tats so far planned have a significant meaning to me somehow yes even the video game ones.

    I also need to get my memorial tat for my late son done but isk how or what i want done for him.

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    I have 7, the one thing is that your sketch will not look exactly like that once done, if you have a good tattoo artist he will explain to you that your vision while great on paper will likely not work o you, your skin is a very different canvas and placement and skin quality can greatly affect your design, so he will rework your work based on what he knows will work best and make you happy, not just on that day but for the next YEARS to come.

    Now if the artist is not that great he will likely tattoo anything you want him to anywhere you want to.

    Choosing the right artist is VERY important and establishing a good relationship and having an understanding of what works, what doesn't is a must.

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    Agree with most of above. I have 7 also. Of course...want more. Started with random not thought out, impulsive tats. Now...better artists and better tattoos. I do wish I had thought of placement better like Zombie suggested on a few. But oh well, they are mine and I love them all. Here is my newest one that was well thought out and I found a great artist that is the best at black and grey realistic which is what I wanted. I love your design!

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    I just got my first tattoo last month. It's the blink 182 smiley with the same pink/turquoise but instead of paint brush strokes like the logo, I had the pink/turquoise fill the smiley in with a watercolor effect.

    Next tattoo I have planned is a retic with the head on my right shoulder blade, snaking down my side and wrapped around my upper thigh. Still trying to find someone who can pull off what I want. I don't have the money for that for a few years until I become a nurse. Realistic conformation, color, and style.
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    I have three! A bar staff with the quote "where words fail music speaks" on my right the right side of my lower back, a violin with wings and the song lyrics "someday I too will fly and find you again" as a memorial for my Aunt (who played violin) on my upper back, and Harry Potter's glasses and scar on my left wrist.

    Your design is gorgeous! Have you taken your design to a tattoo artist? They might be able to help you figure out a color or shading pattern!
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