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    Re: Basic Photography for Dummies like Me

    I think U guys are doing an awesome job figuring your gear out!

    "To acquire knowledge, one must study; but to acquire wisdom, one must observe"

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    Re: Basic Photography for Dummies like Me

    thanks everyone.

    Quote Originally Posted by redshepherd View Post
    I mostly just do candid shots with natural lighting...

    wow, u still get alotta light. your photos are always on point and look great!

    Quote Originally Posted by ratchet View Post
    Your depth of field will increase and the background won't be so blurry if you use a smaller aperture, but it sounds like the constant f/2 means you can't choose another aperture? Wasn't sure about that detail but if you can't pick a smaller aperture than that, you'll have the blurry backgrounds.
    aahh ok, i'll adjust the aperture. thanks. i don't know what all the lingo means.

    Quote Originally Posted by Solarsoldier001 View Post
    Getting pictures like this isn't hard.

    You need more light what you have right now is light but not enough. My pictures would come out dim like that.

    Then you have to do the white balance. Pretty much if you take a picture of a index card or a white paper and set it as you white balance you are telling your camera this is what white is. It helps take better pictures especially when your animal you are trying to photography is all white.

    I'm no pro but that is what I have learn so far.

    The fuzzy is because you depth of field is small. Pretty much you are telling you camera you want the focus to only be 5 cm from the center and blur out pass that point. You just need to change your depth of field. Which is labeled f4.0 or could be less or more depending on your lens

    It's fund taking picture once you get the lightening and mechanics rights. I wish you luck can't wait to see the pictures you have in stored for us
    great tips. thank u so much! i love your Calico's and animals. and your light tent photos and was hoping u would chime in. thanks again.

    Quote Originally Posted by redshepherd View Post
    Also, that is one interesting looking camera, wowie! It looks like a super fancy point and shoot.
    Quote Originally Posted by ratchet View Post
    That is an interesting thing! Wow, pretty neat camera!
    it's an interesting camera with a cult following. i also have the original which looks like a telescope.

    i got the other one i posted for 50% off their original MSRP, but u can get them between $400-$500 in some places now. it's been sitting on my shelf for months b/c I don't know what to do with it. Lol

    visit the Lytro website and check out their gallery. i hope to make living/re-zoomable pix like the ones their camera owners posted someday. really cool stuff.
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    RIP Mamba

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    Re: Basic Photography for Dummies like Me

    Quote Originally Posted by Ax01 View Post
    @Dave - also i look forward to your pix from today's shoot.

    @everyone - keep those ideas coming.
    I lost power in the storm and just got it back tonight. I'll try and shoot tomorrow.

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    Shooting with continuous lights makes it hard to freeze motion. If you want to soften it up. There are some DIY solutions out there that might help. I always recommend getting proper lights, and a background kit.. But the light tents do work with proper lighting, and setup. A studio strobe, or speed-light type of flash with a proper light modifier will produce better light than the continuous lights. For most of my snake shoots I use a single Paul C Buff AlienBeesB800 in a 24inch beauty dish. Directly over the subject. I use a roll of white, or black paper for my background. I dont use any tents, or anything like that. If I need light from the side Ill either grab a reflector, or setup another light. You can get a decent little flash, with 24, or 32 inch umbrella, and a 6 foot light stand for pretty cheap. Thats a basic kit, but a bit more flexible than a set of continuous lights and a tent. Another thing get the light off camera. If you are using any on camera flash. Most of those small flashes produce very harsh light. In the picture shown. As for the general recommended settings. There really isn't a one setting fits all type of thing here.. Make sure your whitebalance is set to whatever kind of light you are shooting in. That will help.

    Light, light, and light, but not harsh, unless thats what you're going for. Even shooting in front of a nice big window on an overcast day works well. Here is a great site to learn how a camera works, and what the shutter, aperture, and ISO do. Along with how changing them will effect things, and when you change them.

    Here is an example. Shot with the Fujifilm Xpro2 with a single Alienbees B800 light above in a 24 inch beauty dish with the diffusion sock on. Shot on a simple white background.

    BP-18-0022-4 by Shannon Donoho, on Flickr

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