The mice are all dead,
The rats are all killed,
Lots of little snake friends,
Are soon to be thrilled.

Little CalKings oh so feisty,
Fat tub Hognoses shoveling nightly,
Stout Boas nice and Rosy,
Indigos black and blue, like a Unicornís Hiney.

Ponies have invaded here, I tell you true,
And pooped and pooped and pooped all over,
For surely none of my slithering pals could,
Crap more in gram weight than weighed that which they ate.

Itís no real feat,
Let me repeat,
To leave things nice and neat,
And come back mere moments later
A huge steaming pile black as peat.

And then they just lay there,
All full and replete,
No doubt laughing silently,
Now that my training is complete.

The gloves go on,
The poop goes out,
The snakes snooze peacefully,
While I,
I rinse and repeat.