Hey there I got a 2nd hand beardy the other week (First one) and I noticed his tail is a little darker than the rest of his body, im not sure if its got worse but the tip was blacker than the rest when we got him and yesterday when I got him out to feed when I put him back the tip of his tail (About an inch maybe less) was hanging off, The tissue wasnt black it was red and there was a TINY bit of blood but I cleaned him up with a tissue and im bathing him everyday to keep it clean.
but is this normal? TO get a blacker tail?
I mean with the tail bit breaking off maybe he hit it because sometimes when I pick him up he moves his tail round and it sometimes hits the cage (not that hard) but maybe he hit it right at the end and it broke off?


(Is a little darker irl, the picture makes it look lighter ALSO just bathed him so it is a little brighter) 2ND PICTURE LOOKS DARKER THAN IT ACTUALLY DOES