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Thread: Mail Ordered

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    I was a little concerned about my RTB. First she was mailed to me, which has to take a toll on her. Then, the only feeders I can get are small hoopers all the way up to large adult rabbits. Nothing smaller than that, so I have been having to feed her larger than she is used to prey. They seem to leave a good sized lump in her belly. That I would think would take a toll on her also. Now she is going into a shed. With all of this going on in a few short weeks I am worried about stress. I have not bothered her since I put them in there new room. This is my question, What do I do? Would you think that this would cause stress? I do. She hasn't refused a meal, but the last time she ate she ust stuck at the mouse and then started to swallow it. No coil, just stuck it on the head and then swallowed it. Thought that that was weird. Also she does get out a lot to change between hot and cool sides, but other than that she doesn't do anything, that I see anyways. Waht should I do, I am worried, I spent a long time finding a good breeder and a good female Columbian BCI, I wanted one that I could get big and possibly breed. I wanted one that was extra special, colors and pattern. Also I feed stunned or pre killed.

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    Mail Ordered

    I wouldn't worry to much. Just make sure that you have her tank temps where they need to be, the humidity is at the correct level, and I wouldn't handle her for any where from 2 - 4 days after she has eatten a good size meal. How often are you feeding her now? I don't think I would feed her more than once every 10 days. This way you can be sure that her last meal has been completely digested before feeding again. Give her time and she wont be eating meals that are bigger than she is. Hope that this helps ya out. Let us know how it turns out.
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    Things are actually sounding good!
    Not coiling around its prey means that it is not worried that the prey is dangerous. Moving from side to side means that it is regulating its body temperature correctly, and that you have your temps set well. (she is not staying on just the warm or just the cool side)
    I think she will be just fine
    Just keep that humidity up through shed and only handle her for short periods of time to get her used to you.
    Get us some pics when ya can too
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    Yep, it all sounds normal to me. With her just striking...sounds like she thinks she's a hot.

    One thing I'd suggest is make sure that the rodent is good and dead before you offer it to her. I'd be afraid that with a rodent just stunned, since she's not coiling it and just striking it, it could come back concious as it's being swallowed and do damage to the snakes throat...dunno if it's possible, but that's what I'd worry about.
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    In my expiriences i've encountered several young red tails that tend to not coil or "know" hot to eat.....but its never really a problem, and within time every single one turns out to be fine, and learn to coil/control prey with ease

    i've heard alot of it has to do with the young snakes learning, but that may be wrong
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