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    BPnet Veteran rafacacho's Avatar
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    Re: The Psychology of Problem Feeders Get your Ball Python eating again

    Very good article!

    If you let me ask, i would like more videos on the channel, they are some of the best out there!

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    Re: The Psychology of Problem Feeders Get your Ball Python eating again

    Thank you for sharing this, Justin! I've stickied it for future generations!
    -- Judy

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    This could be helpful! My ball is due to shed and a thorough clean out at a pretty similar time! He is on a 5 or so week hunger strike so hopefully this works
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    Re: The Psychology of Problem Feeders Get your Ball Python eating again

    This is good stuff. I was literally going to swap substrate and change tub size today on a female that has been off for about 5 months. I have noticed the same about sporadic offering, breeding, scent. Keep the write-ups coming!
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    BPnet Veteran scooter11's Avatar
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    Re: The Psychology of Problem Feeders Get your Ball Python eating again

    This really is great stuff and I will be trying it out for sure. As for future material, I really enjoyed your video on hard belly. Id love to see some more stuff on simple Bp fixes and identifying any Bp issues that need attention and/or a visit to the vet. Thanks for all the info and videos Justin, keep it coming, its really appreciated

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    Registered User Wizard's Avatar
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    Re: The Psychology of Problem Feeders Get your Ball Python eating again

    UPDATE: I had a BP that was coming up on a 6 week hunger strike and I decided to implement your environment change.

    "I moved any persistent problem eaters to a fresh, clean tub in a different part of the rack or even a rack across the room. This resulted in some of my toughest feeders slamming rodents at the next feeding opportunity. Contrary to popular knowledge, moving a non-feeding animal to a different size or shape tub or a different substrate type altogether will often further improve results. The more dramatic the change seems to the snake, the more likely it will view it a good feeding opportunity."

    After one day in her new enclosure she started eating.

    At first she looked interested in the prey, the first time in weeks, but she didn't strike. Which was encouraging. However, what's even more interesting is when I turned off the lights and shinned a dim flashlight in the box she attacked the prey with extreme prejudice.

    While this may just be a coincidence I'm hoping your theory worked! I will be trying this again the next time I have a problem feeder.

    Thank you for your helpful insight in this frustrating matter!

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    BPnet Senior Member CloudtheBoa's Avatar
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    Hmm. Most of the time I've had my bp I've had him in really large enclosures and never really changed the bedding after feeding. It didn't affect him and he ate every time I offered food, but maybe it's because he could just choose any number of hides for feeding time. He was usually in the same hide when I fed him, though.

    Now that I've moved, he's no longer in his 6ft enclosure and he's back in his 105-110 qt tub with just two hides. He hasn't eaten since I moved, so I'm starting to wonder if it's the move that's still affecting him or if I should try a complete bedding change as I've put the rat in there like I normally do but I haven't changed the bedding. He also hasn't pooped since I got here, he has passed urates once, though. No hard belly, he was empty when I moved. Next time I go out I'll get some new bedding and a few rats and try a complete bedding change. I don't have any other enclosures to put him in, though. I don't even have the room for a second 105 qt tub here.
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    Re: The Psychology of Problem Feeders Get your Ball Python eating again

    Awesome read Justin thanks for sharing.

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    Registered User Starsnake's Avatar
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    Re: The Psychology of Problem Feeders Get your Ball Python eating again

    Very interesting. Great to keep in mind.
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    Re: The Psychology of Problem Feeders Get your Ball Python eating again

    Worked for me. Just broke a 5 month strike from my 18 year old with a complete cage cleaning/disinfecting and substrate change.

    Thanks justin! This couldn't have come at a better time, my old girl cant handle these long hunger strikes as well as she used to!

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