I have an OTTB. he is insane. he came home with a ton of anxiety, head issues, rain rot, a brutal cold,and sky high withers. BUT!!!! After I nursed him back to health, beat the rain rot (took 8 months & a shed), put about 100+ pounds on him (he was SO SKINNY), he is an incredible animal, LOVES to work, when he gets his head down he is fabulous. He has a true passion for running and loves going fast. He is my treasure, my project, and my brat all in one. He has taught me so much about patience and forgiveness, preserverance. I'm not saying that all OTTBs will be a piece of work, but the sad reality is that once their track career is over, so is the care they receive. I love my Joejoe so much and am so happy I took a chance on a crazy thoroughbred. If you have the passion and true love for horses, go for it. But be prepared to pick yourself back up when they throw you for a loop every now and then!