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    BPnet Lifer muddoc's Avatar
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    The Sixth Annual Bailey Reptiles Clutch Contest is Here!!!

    The Sixth Annual Bailey Reptiles Clutch Contest is Here!!!

    This is the sixth annual Bailey & Bailey Reptiles Clutch Contest. First of all, I would like to thank the wonderful admin here at for allowing us to hold this contest on their site. With that said, I asked and was granted permission by the Staff to hold this contest on their site (contests are only allowed by permission). As per the Admin of, any and all Staff members (this includes Admins and Moderators) are not allowed to participate in the contest (they are however encouraged to guess just for fun).


    The contest will work like this. The person that correctly guesses the phenotype (appearance)(more than one gene involved is a possibility, i.e. Double co-dominant or double dominant) and gender of the first snake “OUT OF THE EGG” will win that snake. In the event that more than one person has guessed the phenotype and gender, the person closest to the actual weight will prevail. Therefore, make sure that a hatchling weight guess is included in your post. Everyone is allowed ONE guess. Your guess needs to include phenotype, gender and weight. Although there is a possibility that the babies of this clutch could be carrying (i.e. Het or Poss Het) some recessive genes, I will not require that to be included in your guess, as I won’t know for sure if it is carrying them or not. Please do not PM me with your guess, just include it in a response to this thread. Due to the possibility of there being legal ramifications (of which I can find no laws in the state of Louisiana) we are not going to take the chance of giving away a live animal. Therefore, we will sell the animal to the winner for the whopping sum of $1 plus actual shipping charges (Note: If you are attending a show that we will be at, we can deliver the animal to you, as we have done that in the past). We do have our export permits, but due to the cost involved with shipping international packages, I cannot honor guesses made by our International friends on the site (however, once again, they are encouraged to participate for fun).

    Disclaimer: Minors (under the age of 18) are encouraged to participate, however, I will need parental consent before sending the animal to the minor (i.e. I need to speak to a parent on the phone).

    Here are all of the details that may help you come up with a guess:

    1.This is Clutch #101 for 2013

    2.The female is a Normal that is 12 years old

    3.Her name is Lucy and her ID# is 01NF#2 (she was the dame for the first annual, third annual, fourth annual and fifth annual contests)(she is now deemed the Queen of the contest)

    4.16 different co-dom/dom males were introduced to her enclosure (some were carrying or displaying recessive traits) (some of these were supers or multiple gened animals)

    5.Of the 16 males, 7 of them were observed visually copulating with her, and there were 7 total copulations

    6.She had her Post Ovulation Shed on September 30th

    7.She laid her eggs throughout the day on November 5th

    8.The clutch of 13 eggs and 0 slugs all candled good, and weighed 129110 grams.

    9.The average egg size is 98.3 grams

    10. Lucy weighed 2592.6 grams after laying her eggs.

    Lastly, I wanted to mention that although we typically cut our eggs on day 52, we will be waiting until day 56 to cut these eggs, as that is the day that we typically see heads after cutting. If someone pips prior to day 56, we will cut all of the eggs. Once the first snake pips, or we cut the eggs, I will post a pic. Once that pic is posted, any and all guesses made after that post will be null and void. The first snake out of the eggs is the winner. Everyone please have fun making your guesses, and we’d like to thank everyone for participating.

    Below is a link to last year’s contest for anyone that wants to check it out. Last year’s winner did take home a female Yellow Belly. If you follow the link, you can click to each previous Annual Contest!

    NOTE: Please make sure that you review all of the guesses before making yours, as if any guess is a duplicate of another, the first person to guess will be the winner, and you are not allowed a second guess if you make a mistake.

    Here are the pics of the female on eggs, the eggs in the tub and the eggs set up in the incubator box before resting in their home for the next 60 days.

    GOOD LUCK!!!!!!
    Tim Bailey
    (A.K.A. MBM or Art Pimp)
    The Blog

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    Female spotnose 57g

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    BPnet Veteran
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    Re: The Sixth Annual Bailey Reptiles Clutch Contest is Here!!!

    Male het red axanthic vanilla 64 grams
    Knowledge is earned not learned.

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    fire Mojave het hypo male 53 grams
    Married to 4theSNAKElady
    Ball pythons
    0.1 pieds 0.1 het pied
    0.1 butters 0.1 axanthic het snow( vpi)
    1.0 fire pewter male 0.1 champagne
    0.1 mojave ph pied 1.0 albino
    0.1 vpi axanthic (het albino) 1.1 dblhet pied albino
    0.1 Sterling Fire
    non ball pythons
    1.0lucy rat snakes

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    BPnet Veteran MJT_23's Avatar
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    Memphis, TN
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    Re: The Sixth Annual Bailey Reptiles Clutch Contest is Here!!!

    Superfly female 69 grams .. come on daddy needs a new pair of shoes! Lol

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    Female Pastel Calico 58g

    1.0 Champagne ( Django )
    1.0 Pastel Lesser ( Vincent Vega)
    1.0 Orange Ghost ( Mr. Orange )


    0.1 Normal ( Tang )
    0.1 Spider ( Nyx )
    0.1 Fire ( Whiskey )

    1.0 Boxer ( Bronx )

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    BPnet Veteran bad-one's Avatar
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    Images: 3
    Male Stinger Bee 68g
    Brittany Davis
    0.1 Snow BCI- Isis
    1.0 Hypo Motley het Albino BCI- Rupert

    Ball pythons
    1.0 Champagne, 1.0 Albino Spider, 1.0 Savannah, 0.2 Normal, 0.1 Het Toffee, 0.1 Black Butter,
    0.1 Spider, 0.2 Pastel, 0.1 Enchi, 0.1 Albino

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    BPnet Veteran Bigfish1975's Avatar
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    Female Enchi Yellowbelly 79 grams

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    BPnet Veteran Lobo_Reptiles's Avatar
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    Images: 2

    The Sixth Annual Bailey Reptiles Clutch Contest is Here!!!

    Female Mojave 66 grams

    Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
    (Formerly HadesBP18)
    1.0 Spider: Artemas
    1.0 Mojave coming soon!
    0.1 High Contrast Albino coming soon!
    1.1 Pastels: Hyperion and Theia (DSD Pastel girl coming soon!)
    1.0 BCI: Kozma

    RIP Kalypso 11/13/13

    Lobo Reptiles

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    Images: 21
    Female Pewter, 78 grams
    0.1 Ivory pos. pastel, super pastel, butter (Penelope)
    0.1 Hypo Chocolate GHI Pastel pos Vanilla (Smokey)

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