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    Ok here are all the images uploaded to imgur in an album. Should preserve them if photobucket kicks the bucket

    I have a few issues with this that if this is going to be edited to update images that should be addressed

    1) Red heat lamp. Not ideal at all for BPs. CHE should be recommended
    2) Aspen. Not good for glass. Coco fiber or cypress mulch should be recommended
    3) That thermostat probe is placed literally in the middle of the laminate and not across the heating elements. It is not getting accurate readings as the laminate is just to hold the bits together, it doesn't produce heat. Probe must always go across so it touches black strips or black part of heat tape, never clear area.
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    this thread really needs to be re-done

    2 more newbies that could have really benefited from this. I miss being able to send them here...

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    Thumbs up

    Currently benefiting from this info! Thanks!

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    Re: How to Setup a Glass Tank (20 long) With Pictures!

    I know this is an oldie but I need to comment on it. This is a great thread. I only wished I had read this before setting up my tank. I had watched videos on YouTube on how to set up a 20L tank and there were many to see.

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    New BP owner, tank set up look good?

    Hello all.

    I'm a new BP owner, I had my male BP for exactly one week today. I've posted a pic below of his tank set up. Hide on cool side, wood, hide on hot side, rock (not a heat rock), water bowl in center. Limbs and clutter throughout, shonogeum moss to help hold humidity scattered throughout.

    Temps are as follows
    Hot side- 88.2-89.2
    Cool side-77.8-79.5
    Ambient center temp stay right about 84

    I have UTH pad under hot side as well as 75watt ceramic bulb over the hot side, providing a nice 91-92 basking spot

    Since I've had him, Nema, he normally, from what I've read/seen as normal, hangs in his hide all during day time hours. Almost as soon as the sun goes down he's out exploring, climbing, drinking, in and out of both hides, probing every square inch of the tank.

    My friend who is also snake owner, corn snake, said he's behavior indicates he is a happy snake. 🤷🏼♂️

    I tried feeding for first time last night, he did not eat. I thawed for mouse for few hours in room temp water, then ran hit water over it for a few minutes to hear up the mouse. He seemed very interested in the mouse, approaching serval times doing some investigating but never ate. After the he had not eaten mouse after an hour I discarded the mouse and will wait another week before feeding attempt number two.

    Is there anything wrong with husbandry/set-up/ temps/ humidity that is just way off that I missing or maybe something I haven't looked in to? Anything would be greatly appreciated.

    Apparently can't figure out how to post pictures lol

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    Re: How to Setup a Glass Tank (20 long) With Pictures!

    Also.... didn't mean to the emojis after friends behavior statement
    Shouldn't be a video but here is the setup pre snake in the enclosure
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