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    Anxiety, Paranoia, and Depression

    As the title states, this would b about anxiety, paranoia, and depression. I know that anxiety and depression run in my family, and I'm not 100% sure on paranoia, but recently my anxiety has really peaked and is driving me nuts, I've told my dad and he only said "You'll be fine, go lay down." It doesn't help, and then when he tells me that I get depressed because I feel so helpless and that no one is here to help, I really do honestly feel like I need medication for both. Any help on how I can do so?
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    I have bipolar depression, and all I can really say is that it's sad that you're not being taken seriously.
    A lot of times, unless someone KNOWS what it feels like, they think you're just being irrational, when it's really much deeper than that.

    I honestly don't know what all you can do. How old are you?
    If you're still in school, I would highly suggest talking to counselors or someone there that you're comfortable with. Maybe they can explain to your dad/parents the true gravity of the situation.

    Hang in there. *Hugs*

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    Anxiety, Paranoia, and Depression

    Unless people have experienced it for themselves, most will just tell you to brush it off. It simply just isn't that easy.

    I'd suggest trying to go to a counsellor or psychologist and try talking to them. If they feel you need medications, they'll arrange for you toget them.

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    I feel for you. My oldest son has major problems with Anxiety and Depression (also Aspergers syndrome). He's an adult but he refuses to learn how to drive due to his anxiety. He had a good job for a while but had to quit also due to his anxiety issues. Most days I have a hard time even getting him to leave the house. Somedays he won't even leave his room. He's on several medications (which is the only thing that has somewhat helped) and sees a therapist every month and a psychiatrist about every 6 weeks. It's a long road and it's been a work in progress for many years now. Things have gotten better, but it's slow. You (and your family) need a lot of patience.

    The best thing you can do is seek medical help and at least be evaluated. It's hard to be treated until you know what's actually wrong.

    Here is a book that I thought was good, hasn't helped us much but I know people who claimed it worked well for them.
    click this link for the book

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    Personally, medicine helped me worlds. I'm on three different types, so it's one of those things that if your doctors recommend it, you jump into headfirst. Sometimes they don't need to be long-term, sometimes they do. I plan on being on my antidepressant for the rest of my life because without it I went into a psychotic break after having taken it for a year (not a common reaction, but it happened to me). It's a serious commitment, but with the right routine it can help a ton.

    That's another thing, too-- routine. Not just for meds, but in all things. I see a therapist once a week, and it helps me get out for what's commonly called "exposure therapy". I go to work on regular days and, believe it or not, even little things like Magnus' feeding schedule helped me.

    I suggest a therapist, above all else. That will be the best resource for your options in recovery and they can refer you to a psychiatrist if you guys decide it would be helpful for you.

    Most of all, patience.

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    Oh Ava.....I was counselor for six years. I hate it when people are put on meds. I am soo against those. IMO, I think they mess people up more than they help....just based on my experiences. But I know anxiety and depression are real, and can have a resounding effect on a persons life. It also seems to me like most if not all of my clients problems stemmed from something that happened during childhood.
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    I'm on meds for my Bipolar II, and I have noticed a huge difference, as have everyone around me. I don't think that every doctor should throw meds at everyone that comes in the door, but for some people, they are necessary.

    I was hospitalized for posing a danger to myself and others at one point. Although I still have my hypomanic episodes from time to time, they are nowhere near as bad as they were. Before I was put on medication, I was given all kinds of different coping strategies, but when my moods went out of whack, everything went out the window and I pretty much went crazy.
    Now that I'm on meds, even when I have my hypomanic episodes, I can stay logical enough to utilize the strategies I was given to stay safe.

    OP, definitely try to avoid medication if you can. Very seldom can they get you on something that works for you on the first try. Medications for anything like that mess with your brain chemistry, which is never something to take lightly.

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    Re: Anxiety, Paranoia, and Depression

    I have bipolar, anxiety, and paranoia. I am and have been on meds for this since 1998. I personally cannot even function without my meds. There are some days when my moods are just horrible, I hate everyone and everything around me. I can also get pretty irritable without my meds. I was in counseling for like 5 years straight and I am just burned out and cannot take anymore counseling. My meds really do help though, without them I am just totally unbearable. Depression in any form really sucks big time. I was hospitalized nine times in my life for self harming and suicide. I have not been in the hospital since the year 2000. I know how hard it is to tell others that you are having issues. No one wanted to believe me until I started trying to end my life. I tried to tell people over and over again, and they told me it is just a phase. If you feel you need help, then go get it. Don't let other people try and tell you any different.
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    From all the research I've done I wouldn't be so quick to get medicated. There are serious side effects to those medications and they do change chemical balances within the brain. I would really try to find a good therapist or counselor first, which isn't always the easiest thing to do as a lot of therapists are pretty corrupt but so are plenty of psychiatrists. It is also not easy to work through therapy but from the research I have done it works a lot better then medications. With all that said, I am by no means an expert in the field. I agree with what 4thesnakelady said 100%.
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    Anxiety, Paranoia, and Depression

    Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy does wonders for anxiety and depression. It helps by correcting perceptions established by the depressed/anxious brain (I'm sitting by myself at a party, so no one must like me > I didn't talk to anyone, so they don't hate me but may have thought I wanted to be left alone), and teaching the individual how to break out of those negative thought patterns before they become overwhelming.

    I was diagnosed with ADHD and depression and anxiety are highly co-morbid. I tried SSRIs, and they didn't work well for me, but once I was treated for the ADHD the depression went away on its own. I'm on a stimulant now, and I can't imagine having to go back to trying to function without it. It did take a few tries to figure out what worked for me, but it was absolutely worth the inconvenience.

    (This isn't referring to anyone in particular, just a common concern.) Medication is a big decision, but it shouldn't be associated with all the stigma that's out there. People take medicine for diabetes, heart conditions, cancer, etc.- there's no reason why cognitive disorders should be treated with less validity. They also don't turn "you" into someone else- they just help you become the "you" you want to be; thriving instead of surviving, and able to function without being ruled by fear.

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