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but she is only about 3 months and we are moving her in winter and trip should be about 3 hours. Is bagging her and putting her in a small container necessary?

Here is what I had planned...let me know if this is okay....

Transporting in a small cage that I used for crickets when I had a chameleon. Cage is plastic with secure lid and ventilation.

I plan on heating a small heat pad and wrapping it in towels so there is no direct contact with the heating pad.
I was going to put a separate towel in a pouch shape under a small hide for her to coil up in.

Since I don't think that the heat pad is going to last three hours, I was going to get one of those portable hand warmers to swap out when I break (or when the first heat pad gets cold).

Let me know.
Snakes are escape artists. And they stress easily. The bag is both secure (if done right) and comforting to them. I would never, ever, transport a snake without it being secured in a bag...long trip or short.

Also, unless you're traveling in a vehicle that has no heat, there should be no reason to apply supplemental heat like you describe. Just keep the car comfortable for humans, and make sure the container the snake is in is well-insulated, and the snake should be fine. Hand warmers get WAY too hot and can be dangerous. Skip that huge risk and transport in a warm car.