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    Re: Pleading for help - trying to save Charlie's life!

    Quote Originally Posted by gsarchie View Post
    What do you mean by "this?"
    Your stories of catching animals sounds like BS to me, as I have never seen anyone, aside from myself, move a camel spider or scorpion to spare it from someone's boot. YOU may have done this, but I imagine that your comrades were bystanders and didn't actually help. Also, you doing this violated GO 1B, so you have no room to talk.

    Also, thanks for letting me know what the UCMJ is. Just curious - are you still in and what rank are you/were you when you got out? Just personal curiousity is all.
    It means that dogs/cats can carry vectors and why they are not supposed to be on FOBs/COBs or what have you. Dogs and cats on our FOB where killed. I guess things must have gotten lax. The reason why they are put down is because they will keep coming back if they are relocated. Most of the cats/dogs are feral and can and do bite.

    Stories? Umm no not BS. Who said anything about sparing anything from anyones boot? I said we caught them and then we would release them back away from the troop areas. Hedgehogs carry no known diseases. Camel spiders as you know are played with by most any troops and are commonly used in camel spider fighting. The black desert cobra is very dangerous and they have no antivenin in the area.

    Wasn't letting YOU know what UCMJ was or what YOUR General Orders were. I was merely stating why things were the way they were and why I feel the way I do.

    As far as my rank I was an E-5 when I got out of active duty with 3 tours.
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    Creed of the Non Commissioned Officer, I like it.

    I'm on my third tour right now and have been in for 10 (6 in the reserves, 4 on active duty, which is the side of the house that I am currently on). I have never seen a soldier catch a camel spider and do anything aside from make it kill some bug or get killed by a scorpion, and if they aren't caught they are squished, but fair enough then. I guess I took your post as directed at me, so my bad on that. To be honest, I have yet to see a human out here contract anything from an animal, and some of the soldiers here (not mine, I'd have their butts) keep cats in their room at night. If you want to walk by a dog and say hi and scratch his ears that is one thing, but keeping them in your tent is an absolute no-go. It's a gray area, yes, but nothing in th real world is black and white. Charlie is a great dog and has done so much for soldiers out here in terms of morale, that in my mind he desrves to come home and live a good life. Afghans do not look at dogs the way we do, and if you talk to them about a pet dog as being a member of the family they will think that you're insane.
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