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Awww... poor fella! Glad he's with you guys now, and your mom has a new friend. And what a pretty baby! I love his markings!

Someday... at least a mini if not one I can ride... Someday.
He is a pretty boy! When she sent me a picture of him I told her she had to get him!

I hope you get one someday! They are awesome animals to own!

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What a face! Glad he is in better hands now. Look forward to more pics of him!

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I will definitely keep updating pictures of him! He was supposedly a trail horse in his younger days, he would be so fun to take on the trails! Of course if he does have heaves I'm not sure how much we will be able to do with him. I guess we'll see!

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Does he have Heterochromia?
He sure does! One blue eye one brown eye, my mare is the same way. It's fairly common with paints (piedbalds).

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Fat Cat is good for getting weight on!

Pretty boy. I hope she has fun with him.
We'll have to look into that! He is so pretty I can't wait to see how he does!

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Beautiful! I love black and white overos and I adore his kissy spots! I'm actually painting a model horse right now in blk/wht overo
Me too! He is my dream horse, black and white, bald face, he's awesome!

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Lovely blue eye! He looks like he'll be an absolute doll for your mom once he's fattened up a bit!
I cannot wait to see him fattened up and looking sleek. We won't get to see him looking sleek until spring when he loses his winter coat, but I'm betting he will be gorgeous!

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Gorgeous boy! Very glad to know he's in good hands
Me too! The poor boy was part of a break up and he was left to fend for himself pretty much. He's so sweet, very calm and laid back. I think he will be a lot of fun!