Went today, wasn't too impressed. Mostly due to the $17.50 charge x 2, and the small venue. I do appreciate all the breeders, and stores that come out, and set up there spot. There was only one or two big ball python tables, that were selling snakes. However, majority were males. All the females that were for sale, were normals. Baby normals, and most likely bred this year normals. The large normal females were $200, which is the normal price I see them go for online like on kijiji. I thought there was some sort of "discount" on snakes to be sold. Honestly, for the size of the venue $17+ is way too much.

I enjoyed see the assortment of spiders, lizards and turtles, but I have no interest in purchasing them....yet. (no proper set up).

The biggest snake there, was some random guy that brought in his own spider.