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Thread: More questions

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    Well Ive got a few more for you expersts, I went and bought a nice size rubbermaid tote 34x16x12.5, I drilled vents on two opposing sides,one towards the upper end one towards the lower ( I read somewhere this produces better air flow than holes all around). Oh one more thing Im proud of I drilled three holes on each long end right thru the lip and lid of the tote where I insert screws and wing nuts to secure the lid closed, you would have to break the lid to get it off and its very easy to take the screws out to get inside. :lol:
    Heres my question though Ive seen a number of Hydrometer/thermometers at radio shack one is an indoor/outdoor wich has 2 sensors, one for inside, one for outside, it runs 35 dollars, the other model is an indoor only( no wire sensor) wich mounts to whatever area via double side tape on the back. Wich one is better for our purposes do you think?How far off the floor do you read your temps?

    Heres the other question: I just bought a heating pad 12x15 plugged it in to make sure it worked it got warm after bout 45 minutes,but on high it didnt realy seem all that hot to me, so Im wondering do these babies realy get temps up in an enclosure? Should I drill some vent holes at the bottom of the rubbermaid where the heating pad will go to allow more heat to get in?

    Last question: wich books do you recomend I read?

    Thats all my questions for today. You guys have the patience of your snakes, thanks for being so patient.


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    Good planning on the screws and wing nuts. I'm sure a few of us have wished we had something that secure at one point or another.

    I wouldn't buy my thermometer at RadioShack if I were you as they tend to be quite expensive. If you can, go to Wal-Mart or Target and look with their standard outdoor thermometers (typically near hardware or garden), and you should be able to find a digital indoor/outdoor thermometer/hygrometer combo with 10' probe for under $20. Mine was $14.88 at Wal-Mart. I'd rather have 3 for the same price from Wal-Mart than one from RadioShack, personally.

    Until you've purchased your thermometer and have it set up taking floor temps, I would not worry about the temp of your heating pad. The goal is to get the temp on the high side to about 90-92F, and since your temp should be about 98.6F, it won't feel especially warm to you.
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    Make sure to measure the temps ON the floor, since that is where your snake will be 99% of the time. Be careful about putting anything inside the snake enclosure that is sticky. Any kind of adhesive WILL eventually end up on your snake, and then you will have to wait for the next shed to get the thermometer off him!
    A human heat pad on low will be fine. If your snake needs the heat, he will perch on top of it. If he needs less, he will move off it. Air temp is not as vital as floor temps (although it is certainly NOT something you should ignore!)

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