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    MAzuri verus dog foo

    typing this as about to rush out the door this morning lol..
    I have gotten my second clutch this season ( my het pied to het pied) and also a first time layer that I had for about 3 years.
    Well my first year(2 years ago) I fed the rats mazuri and only that then last season I had to use dog food only as I was unable to get the mazuri from my supplier they were having issues with orders and it never came in. Well this past year they got it straighten out and i was getting mazuri and mixed with dog food.

    So first season was all good eggs,
    last season is was all sluggs ( outside the snake from 4thesnakelady since she was fed a better diet )
    and this year the mizure has given me the mix results lol..

    so I got 2 clutchs of eggs 1 slug and rest viable . and the possiblity of 2 more clutches befoer the season done. if they took at all.

    the funny thing was my het pied ate 2 weeks ago and onlu pushed out a slug 5 days befoer she laid the rest,.

    so I thinknig the mazuri a lot better than dog for in my case lol based on the laying of the last three years. ( just sometihng to think about if you breed your own rats get either mazuri or a better dog food don't skimp on what going into your rats cause it going into your snakes too. )
    I made it clear that no more 7-9 dollar dog/cat food is to go to the rats( that for 20-40 lb bags ) they only getting the better 12+ dollar bags when I can't get the mazuri ..
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    Re: MAzuri verus dog foo

    thanks for the advice. We only feed our rats the lab blocks and we give a bit of fresh grains, veggies, and cereals. I buy really really expensive dog food, Acana, its like $40 for a 15 lbs bag so I wouldn't feed it as it would be too pricey but it might actually be very healthy....idk
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