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    Share Your Normals - Normals are Beautiful!

    Most of us who have a love affair with ball pythons know that our love affair started with a normal.

    And most all of us wondered if OUR normal was special or different? Well - they are. They're all so varied and different and gorgeous in their own right.

    This thread was started to accomplish a few things. First as a central place that those falling in love with their own first ball pythons can come to this thread and see all the variances in normals - from busy patterned, to reduced pattern. From light to dark and everything in between.

    And secondly - for all of us to show off our favorite normals, both past and present.

    So post up your pictures and show off your beautiful normals!

    I'll be back later to share some of mine as well!

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    What a great thread idea!
    Here is my baby Julius. He was the start of this crazy, insane, ridiculous addiction and my poster boy for ball pythons This was last summer, I need some more sunshine pictures. He's about 950 grams now

    This is when I first got him.

    Here's my weird girl Audrey. She's high orange and has a really cool pattern. She's about 550 grams in this picture.

    Here she was when she was a baby.

    Here is her sister Lucille when I first got her too.

    Here they are together. She's about 100 grams lighter than her sister.
    Audrey on the left and Lucille on the right.
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    I have waaaay too many pics of dear Riddle. But you asked for it... Here are a few of my favorites.

    As a baby:

    His very first yawn, and I got it on camera!!!

    Still a baby, but after I fattened him up:

    Last summer:

    And now!!

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    Re: Share Your Normals - Normals are Beautiful!

    Sorry guys, but you ain't got nothing on this girl! She's not my first snake, but she's definitely the cutest littel normal I have.

    Here she is a few days after eating a good-sized rat (it may have been a bit big, but she took it like a champ! This was about three weeks ago, so she's definitely ready for another feed now.)

    Look at this belly! It's completely clean, until you get to her vent. If I didn't know any better, I'd think she has something in her.
    "The trick is not minding that it hurts."

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    here's my 22yr old female

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    Re: Share Your Normals - Normals are Beautiful!

    Fresh shed Anya! 925g... I believe she will be a very successful breeder next year as she has been bowl wrapping since november this season, I almost think she is glowing. At the very least she has gotten much lighter with age

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    Bummer, LGray23's normals look just like mine. There goes my hopes that there might be something hidden in there

    Just after shed.

    Nice day out, sadly as I was snapping the shot some cloud cover was rolling in so he's not as gold-looking as normal.
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    Adelina when she first arrived from EbN.

    Juliet. Also when she arrived in the same box from EbN.

    Older picture of my ~09 girl Octavia.

    They have all fattened up a bit since then. The two little ones have gained about 100g each and Octavia has gained probably 700g since the previous pictures.

    0.1 Normal Octavia 1765g

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    Yes I agree, very good for a thread. Morphs get wayyyy to much credit and we forget where most of us started.

    This is my very first ball Indiana. We got him from someone in the classifieds who didn't want him anymore. He is puppy dog tame and the fist snake I introduce "non snake people" too.

    This is Zuri out 2000g female. I also got her from the classifieds. I got her for next to nothing considering she was a breedable size when I got her. She's locked with my spider 2 times so I'm hoping for babies soon!

    Those are my big ones and we have one 400g baby lilith who we bought as normal but will hope to prove her out as something.

    That's all folks.

    Sent from my iPOSphone using tapatalk.

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