I finally got Monty to take a jumbo mouse after fasting for 2.5 weeks. Yay! He was extremely over fed, so he went off feeding for a bit. I also discovered that he likes it when I dangle the rodent right in front of his cave hide out. Cause then he can grab the dead rodent and pull it into his cave and eat in privacy. I usually have to shake the mouse when he bites down, makes him think its alive. So that was pretty cool.

I also got both of my new babies that I got from Chip to feed, for the second time. All went smoothly except when I dangled the pinkie in front of the larger female, and it mistook my ring finger for the pinkie. Within a second I had the tiny bp coiled around my finger chewing on my knuckle. It hurt pretty bad. So after waiting for a few minutes for it to let go I had to forcefully remove it. It was pretty bloody, but it finally took the pinkie. Hehe, yeah that was a SFE.