I know some stuff that has been posted about new legislation in Ohio but I just visited the ODW website and this is the current list of species they are trying to restrict.
7. Class Reptilia, order squamata;
a) Family atractaspidae; All species.
b) Family Elapidae; All species.
c) Family Hydrophiidae; All species.
d) Family Viperadae; All species, except the Eastern timber rattlesnake,
massasauga rattlesnake, Northern copperhead.
8. Class Reptilia, order crocodylia including
a) All species of alligators, crocodiles, caimans and gharials, except Paleosuchus
palpebrosus (Dwarf caiman).
9. Class Reptilia, order Squamata;
a) Family Boaidae; Eunectes murinus (Green Anaconda), Eunectes notaeus
(Yellow Anaconda).
b) Family Pythonidae; Python reticulates (Reticulated Python), Python
molurus molurus (Indian Python), Python molurus bivittatus (Burmese
Python), Python sebae (North African Rock Python), Python natalensis
(South African Rock Python), Morelia amethistina (Amethystine Python).