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    Ohio Animals That Escaped Are All Dead....

    I know they couldn't have tranquillized them all...but it's still so, so sad.

    Photo is graphic.
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    I hear yah on the not being able to save them all but dam 18 bengal tigers!!! thats a big hit on the world population of an already endangered animal

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    Who does stuff like that?

    That man had mental issues and the animals suffered for it sad.
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    18 Bengal tigers, 17 lions, six black bears, a pair of grizzlies, three mountain lions, two wolves and a baboon is the final count for what they killed

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    three leopards, a grizzly bear and two monkeys — were shot with tranquilizer darts and sent to the Columbus Zoo

    Why the hell werent all 56 done the same way, Pisses me off to see officials taking the power to kill endangered species that could have been relocated to a refugee to keep the population going.

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    I do alot of bowhunting in licking county and muskingum counties in ohio and i called my outfitter tonight and asked him what kind of circus was going on up there and he told me that they are still looking for a couple animals. He also said that the police had a shoot first policy on this. The only animals that got tranqulized were the ones still on site around their enclosures. He said it was like the wild west and because they are still looking for animals the regular hunting season for muskingum county has been closed till they know for sure that all the animals have been taken care of.

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    Re: Ohio Animals That Escaped Are All Dead....

    Quote Originally Posted by RichsBallPythons View Post
    three leopards, a grizzly bear and two monkeys — were shot with tranquilizer darts and sent to the Columbus Zoo

    Why the hell werent all 56 done the same way, Pisses me off to see officials taking the power to kill endangered species that could have been relocated to a refugee to keep the population going.
    That is of course if these tigers were on record to be suitable breeders. Not all bengals in captivity are used to reproduce. The kind of tigers a guy can buy for his backyard arent exactly sought after to help the species.
    Not sure if its the same way for other cats and bears though.

    Sad story anyways...sad
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    they said they cant tranquilize in the dark but they sure in hell didnt try the next morning! god dang I hate idiots thats a whole lot of tigers they could have kept to help rebuild the population instead of killing then complaining about the lack of them even in captivity
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    It's so sad to me that these animals have to pay for the idiocy of humans.

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    People are so mad because the animals were killed. How about being mad about the dumb guy who let them go? How about being mad because "WE" put these poor animals into these positions? We kill them for sport and pleasure. We bulldoze their homes. We burn down their forests. We sell them for profit so that people can keep them in sub par conditions in way to small of enclosures.

    This from Jack Hanna. I think if he thinks it was the right decision then no one should be downing the sheriff or the people involved in this massacre for doing what had to be done. I am sure the animals are in a way better place than where they have been their whole lives. These animals that are so abused deserve so much more than what they get from us.

    There was no choice but to kill 49 animals, including tigers, lions and bears, that were released from their enclosures in Zanesville, Ohio, wildlife expert Jack Hanna told ABC News’ Diane Sawyer.
    “I’m sorry to say, but what the sheriff did had to be done,” Hanna said. “Otherwise, we would have had carnage out here in Zanesville, Ohio.
    “Tragedy-wise for me,” he added, “[it's] probably the worst thing in 45 years of history of working with animals. … I’ve seen poachers kill in the wild. I’ve seen animals killed right in front of me with their horns cut off. I’ve seen a lot of things happen in my career, but nothing like this have I ever witnessed.”

    Hanna said tranquilizing wild animals is not as easy as many people believe.

    “I’ve been out all over the world tranquilizing animals,” he said. “Can you imagine trying to tranquilize an animal in the dark. Fine, we have a spotlight. We hit it. You don’t know exactly: Did you hit a muscle? Did you hit a bone? If you hit the bone, the plunger might not work and put the medicine in. So what do we do? Then we send a veterinarian or the sheriff up there to see if the animal is down, right? What’s gonna happen if the animal is just sitting there not even asleep? You’re dead.”

    Hanna told Sawyer that when the wife of Terry Thompson, the man who released the animals and then committed suicide, arrived on the scene, she was shaking and angry.

    “She said she was coming to rip me apart because I was taking her animals,” said Hanna, who is helping move the remaining animals to the Columbus Zoo in Powell, Ohio. “When she came in there, she was totally not – just nothing was left. Her husband had just committed suicide. … She has 30-something animals laying there in her driveway that are gone. … She was shivering. I hugged her. I started crying with her.

    “I could have yelled at her – you know … to lose 18 Bengal tigers in the world today is beyond a tragic loss,” Hanna said. “I can’t describe what that does to me, along with all the other creatures. But when you see a woman that’s lost everything, what do you do? Do I sit there and yell at her? … I sit there and console her and tell her I’m going to try to help her with her animals that’s left, which is nothing, basically. That’s all I could do.”

    Sawyer asked Hanna how long the event would stay with him.

    “It’s going to haunt me for the rest of my life,” Hanna said. “What happened here last night had to be done or else we would have had some major losses of human life here this morning. And I won’t forget what happened here today as long as I ever live.”

    ABC News’ Christina Caron contributed to this report.
    Lotsa Balls and more

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