Finally, and trust me I'VE been ready for the last week, I get discharged today. I've never spent so long in one room in my life. Haven't seen Mr. Sun in 21 days. I don't think I'd like prison much.

I have done well. I feel good, somewhat weak and not exactly engergizer bunnylike, but a HELL of a lot better than last monday which was pretty much a slice of hell. Most of last week was most unpleasant.

But now, I'm free of machines, tubes in my neck and constant checks of my blood pressure and temperature. These folks do their jobs well.

Gonna keep this one short and sweet.

Thanks for the thoughts prayers and general sending of support and goodwill. As my energy levels and willingness to sit and type increase my presence here will as well.

I'm SO glad to be getting out of here. I'm also glad to have had the support that both those who know me have given and also those whom I have never met. Squeeze your kids and call your parents and don't take :cens0r::cens0r::cens0r::cens0r:e for granted. It's passe' to say and until you know you may not have it, the value intrinsic is often invisible but, if you've never taken pause to give this thought, do so. Gift, blessing, duty, whatever, you're here now. You may not be tomorrow. Make now count.