I have a male ball python that I got in a trade about 2 months ago. This guy WILL NOT eat for me. He looks great, beautiful healthy weight, but he's not eating. I have kept close to 20 balls in the past and I know their housing needs. He's an adult and has produced sperm plugs. I have tried:

defrosted mouse warmed
live mouse
defrosted rat
braining mouse
cutting open the mouse
mouse in a box
mouse left in cage
Mouse dipped in chicken broth

I CANNOT feed this guy a live rat. I would have never completed the trade if I knew this snake ate live rats (not that I'm saying he will, but that's the only thing I haven't tried). I am looking for someone to take this guy for free locally. I feel bad, and although he is looking like he hasn't missed a meal, I don't want him to eventually suffer.

I am in medford, Long Island, NY.