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    I also heard something about no Hedgehogs from out of state. Must be from a breeder or store in the state and must have proof of paperwork.
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    Illegal animals in Florida include: chimpanzees.. gorillas.. jaguars.. lions and tigers and bears.. oh my!.. crocodiles, except dwarf and congo.. komodo dragons..

    Some animals you must have a permit for: bearded sakis.. proboscis monkeys.. bobcats.. wolves.. dwarf crocodiles.. alligators, except American.. ostrich..

    Some animals that no restrictions apply to: reptiles/amphibians, non-protected and non-venomous.. gerbils.. hedgehogs.. ferrets.. doves.. chinchillas..

    As of last year, you cannot acquire any Burmese pythons, African rock pythons, or 4 other non-native species. If you owned them before the ban, you can keep them if you get a $100/year permit and have the snake microchipped.

    Protected reptiles/amphibians in Florida include: blunt-nosed leopard lizards.. San Fransisco garter snakes.. Santa Cruz long-toed salamanders.. limestone salamanders.. black toads..

    Crocodiles/alligators of any kind cannot be kept for the use of their meat and/or hide.

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    Re: Illegal Animals In Your State

    Quote Originally Posted by kitedemon View Post
    I live in Canada but we have very similar laws NO Native species at all. That means no skunks and garter snakes for example. The odd one for me is no hognose snakes, they are venomous but ... hardly (under that thought so are garter snakes...) oh well. There is also a max lengh of 3m.
    I live Ontario Canada and it was my understanding that you could keep native species provided they are not endangered. for example I know that spotted turtles, black rats, hognose, eastern massasauga ect are permitted it was my understanding that species like garders and fox snakes were permitted. I know at least up until a few years ago that an Ontario fishing licence stated that the bearer could posses up to 2 common snapping turtles "for personal use". Iím sure the intent for the snappers be taken as food but an old friend of mine and former O.H.S president used this "loop hole" to keep to snappers as pets for years with no problems that I know of. as far as banned species most non indigenous vegetarian insects like African land snails are prohibited by agriculture Canada while things like venomous animals, crocks or large constrictors are regulated by municipal by laws. for example here in Toronto where I live you are not allowed anything "hot", no snakes that reach an adult size greater than 3 meters (about 9'), lizards bigger than 2 meters (about6'), croc's and an assortment of other animals ranging from domestic live stock to big cats, bears, elephants, ect ect. one species Iím actually curios about is the timber rattlesnake, although their range does include southern Ontario most people consider it an extirpated species in Ontario as the last sighting that Iím aware of was in the 70's. So if you are not allowed to keep any indigenous species I wonder if this species would be covered.

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    Re: Illegal Animals In Your State

    Quote Originally Posted by chosen2030 View Post
    Can anyone tell me what, if any, restrictions there are about transporting a python across state lines, from CA to AZ?
    i'm not from the states so i could be wrong but im pretty sure the only concern would be is the animal in question is cities appendix 1. in which case i belive you would need to ubtain a permit to transport across state lines. but i could be wrong.

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    Im not from the US, but i thought i would join in from Norway.
    No exotic pets,
    Reptiles are not allowed, unless you owned it befor the ban in 1972.
    You can get a permit to keep turtles if you are allergic to all animals with hair.
    A bunch of dog breeds including pitbulls, Fila brasileiro , tosa, amstaff, dogo argentino and the list goes on.

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    In California, it's not just wolves that are illegal, but wolf hybrids too. (this I found out recently, actually) Any kind of feline hybrids are allowed though.

    Ferrets are illegal, but honestly.. the most easily acquired illegal pet that I know of. It's not that attentive of a law, to be honest. All petstores have ferret supplies, Petco has an entire section for them! It's pretty silly.
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    Re: Illegal Animals In Your State

    Quote Originally Posted by jason_ladouceur View Post
    i'm not from the states so i could be wrong but im pretty sure the only concern would be is the animal in question is cities appendix 1. in which case i belive you would need to ubtain a permit to transport across state lines. but i could be wrong.
    I had 2 BPs when i moved to Cali form AZ and i had no problems crossing the border. just keep them in a bag at your feet and they wont even ask. I had a HUGE aquarium in my back seat filled with all of their nessecities and i had No questions. Good Luck!
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    Re: Illegal Animals In Your State

    Ohios recently passed laws and Im not sure what they are or if there still writing/rewriting because of the new Governor.From what Im reading it isnt real specific yet? Sounds like most of everything will be illegal. Anyone know anything about this.

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    Category: B

    Summary of Law: It is unlawful for persons to possess exotic animals, such as large felines, bears, wolves, poisonous reptiles, and non-human primates as "pets." Persons may possess exotic animals for exhibition and educational purposes if they obtain a permit. Please note that the state statute says a person may not bring into the state or possess an exotic animal unless they obtain a permit. However, no personal possession permits for "pets" are issued to individual

    However, before I got into reptiles I looked into this law and i found it really vague in itself then I found the "list" every state has one and it has every single animal that is or isn't legal. Vt is pretty decent. Hot snakes and the big ones are restricted, but heres the big list

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    Re: Illegal Animals In Your State

    In Delaware you not allow any hots, only 1 of any native snake that not endangered( so corns are not allowed unless you get them out of the state and ar morphs ) bunch a paper work I found out years ago to get grandfathered in to that .
    The newest screwed up regs ( to me ) 25 perevery 3 years for any exotic animal and you can't breed them. I got a sellers permit it like 35 a year so I can breed bps. but boas, and largers snakes no breeding without a credited zoo permit. I also know no animal like gaters, bears, skunks, wolves and such more less it a cat and dog state and in some spots can't even have a snake( kent and new castle counties total banned) something about needing to have a like a 1 acrea of land. I know people that have .99 acrea and get denied in the rural areas. but the sam person can have stuff like goats, horses, and cattle lol..
    Some laws/regulations make no reason at all.
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